Special Chapter: Summer of 2010 (Part 1: Alyson)

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As a thank you, I've written you guys a little something. Yes, it's 'little'. And no, there won't be a continuation. A and D's story has already been told and there's nothing more to tell. We've disrupted their lives enough. Let them live in peace and with privacy. :)

Now, this special chapter starts off during the summer of 2010... in North Carolina... in the POV of Alyson "Allie" Wallace.




The summer breeze was intoxicating as I took a deep breath.

Ah, what a beautiful day!

I always loved summer. People were outside, having fun and enjoying the sun. You could go for a walk with no reason at all. You could also go to the beach and build sand castles.

Ooh, how I love sand castles!

I beamed as I strolled around town, looking for nothing in particular. Being in North Carolina during summer break was the best treat my parents could ever give me. Of course, it wasn’t really anything special because we went here every summer for as long as I could remember. To be honest, I already considered it as my second home.

It had its down side, though . . .

I’d have to spend two whole months without seeing Dakota.

Awe, the thought alone makes me sad. I miss her already.

My feet suddenly felt tired, so I sat at the nearby bench that was in front of a pet store. At first, I didn’t realize it was a pet store because I was deep in thought about missing Dakota.

Then again, I shouldn’t really be sad for her. She was spending the summer with Aaron, after all. It had been quite a while since they had the summer only for themselves.

A smile made its way to my lips. And as though it wasn’t contented, it stretched into a grin. That still wasn’t enough. I had to giggle, of course.

It was exciting . . . the thought of Dakota being in love with Aaron, her best friend who happened to be one of the most – if not the most – popular guys at school. And who was also very nice to everyone – including me, the weird girl.

And then, there was Dakota.

I wouldn’t exactly call her a ‘nerd.’ But there was no other word to describe her – or us, because I was also someone like that.

Wasn’t it like a story that you’ve only read in books? It was like a real-life fairy tale story. Oh, how thrilling! Imagine if Aaron broke up with Annabelle and finally realized his true feelings for Dakota? That would be so romantic!

Okay, I felt better now.

I stood up and took a deep breath. When I turned, it finally dawned on me that I was in front of a pet store. How couldn’t I have noticed?!

Quickly, I went inside. I wasn’t really intending to buy a pet. My younger sister, Aphrodite (Yes, she was named after a Greek goddess. How cool, right?), was allergic of cats. So a big no no for having pets in our family. I only wanted to look around.

The smell was overwhelming. It certainly wasn’t for people who didn’t like animals. There were cages everywhere . . . Well, duh.

I laughed quietly to myself, amused at my silliness. No wonder everyone I knew thought I was odd.

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