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As izuku finished up his last bit of alcohol,Wich immediately was destroyed same as all things considered poison as to preserve life,. This was also useless due to the fact that he was immortal. When he left he saw his sister crying on the porch.

"What's wrong Izumi" izuku asked heasitentely hell almost smugly. "Why should I tell you male your not worth my breath or anyone's for the matter" after that response Izuku backhanded her and spoke in a commanding tone."I don't give a fuck about my GODANM gender I'm your big bro so tell me WHO HURT YOU AND WHERE THEY FUCKING LIVE".You see izuku was very protective even having to stand up for gowther when he was called a test that resulted in that fucktard.

Izumi was shocked. After everything she had did to him even trying to kill him while he was asleep she was starting to think that this particular man wasnt all that bad. "I-it was m-momo yaoyorozu" she informed with a slight stutter. Izuku was suprised that she managed to find a girlfriend much less a rich one. Since the yaoyarozus were well renowned for there wealth finding them was easy. However getting in with the intention to kill was another story.

Izuku calmly strolled up to the mansion. "Hello id like to talk to the yaoyorozu family please" he spoke into the speaker at the front gate. A guard then walked out of the building and asked why HE was here. "I may as well be here to bask in your intoxicating beauty" he said flirtatiously as the womens face turnes a deep scarlet red. She then unconsciously led him to the kitchen where they were having lunch. And with a quick kiss on the cheek she was out cold.

"What is the meaning of this" shouted a women with unmatched beauty meaning she was momos mother and to his right the breeding stock she chose also known as the father. "That women over there the one at the end of the table has broken my sisters heart and i have come here to make her repay in full" he said as he readied chastifol. Now momo was deadass confused the day had been going fine she woke up ate a delicious breakfast and made fun of some men groveling before her beauty. She even got to date and then only a few days later break up with a green haired chick.

Thats when it hit her. They had the same emrald green eyes, yet as of now his shown hazelnut brown with abit of green in them, they had the same fucking hair and even the cute freckles that made her blush even harder while seeing them on a man with such handsome qualities.

"This is a misunderstanding hot stuff why dont you become our new breeding stock and hand over that weapon you stole or were gonna have to be forced to turn you in". Now izuku wasnt stupid he knew he couldn't show his quirk so he gave it to her making a mental note to get it back when they were done. Izuku then lunged at momo who finished making a sword and she stabbed him in the chest. "Good job momo but this is a midoriya they always cheat death". Izuku stopped his breathing and stopped his heartbeat while momo put her face to his chest. He then gtabbed the sword and hit her with the butt of it. "My heart is on the otherside of my chest try again next time". He forced the wound not to close so his quirk could remain secret.

With that he walked home making sure to grab a drink for him and izumi.

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