Chapter 1

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"Alex wake up!"
"Or your going to be late!"
My mom shouted from downstairs
I groaned and sat up in my bed rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

"I'm up!"
I shouted back to her.

I didn't even need an alarm in the morning to wake me up because mom was my personal alarm, you could be fast asleep and just one shout from her will wake you up ; yeah I know, weird.

I trudged into my bathroom and started stripping.

After taking a hot shower and brushing my teeth I went to my closet choosing a blue ripped jeans, red crop top and my white converse.

I started dragging the brush  through my stubborn hair putting it in a pony tail. Then went to my full body mirror in the corner of my bedroom.

I studied my figure. I was 5'4 with dark brown wavy hair; which I inherited from my dad.

Full plump lips which were slightly pink.

Also green eyes which I got from my mom.
I had curves in all the right places, c-cups and a big butt which were both a blessing and a curse.

A curse because I couldn't even wear jeans or yoga pants without attracting the male population and a blessing-- well obviously because  anyone would want a big butt.

I made downstairs and went in the kitchen kissing my mom who was pouring coffee for my dad in her work suit.

"Morning mom,Morning dad" I greeted

"Morning hun,hurry and eat or you'll be late" mom said

My dad kissed my cheek while at the table talking on the phone also in his work clothes.

My mom was a lawyer and my dad was a professional surgeon which allowed us to live a life full of luxury especially since I was the only child but I didn't like to boast about it like some rich kids did.

Most times I donate some of my monthly allowance to the food/animal shelter.

After eating my breakfast, I grabbed my phone,keys and bag and got in my white BMW and started playing 'just the way you are; Bruno mars.'

Today was the first day of senior year. I really hope that there is no drama this year.

I had two bestfriends ; jasmine and sophie;we've known each other since 5th grade and have never left each others side since.
Jasmine had jet black hair and deep blue eyes which I admired and Sophie had strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes.

I also have my boyfriend of 2 years; josh. He has dark brown hair and matching Brown eyes.

When we first started dating, we were the talk of the school, everyone was gossiping about us.

Some shipped us while others watched from afar with envious glares wondering why he chose me over them.

But over the year, the gossiping died down and the students found something more interesting to gossip about.

I was a straight A student. I wasn't studying every second of the day but I took my studies seriously because I wanted to go to Standford University which was my dream since I started high school.

After finally arrived at school. I parked in the parking lot and locked my car.


"-so I said yes idiot of course you can kiss me" Sophie told us of her latest summer fling as we walked through the halls.

"Guys I'm telling you--"

"--He's the one" Jasmine and I finished her sentence while I rolled my eyes.

"Soph you said that for your last boyfriend 3 months ago" I deadpanned

"And the one before that one" jasmine said

"And also the other one before that one" I finished

"I know,I know but this one is different I can feel it" she said "The way his body--"
"Okaayyy, way too much info" I said while jasmine laughed

We arrived at our lockers which were coincidentally beside each other.

Josh was leaning against mine waiting for me like every morning since we started dating.
"Hey sweet cheeks" he said pulling me closer and kissing me. I started pulling away knowing people were watching but he tightened his hold deepening the kiss.

"Jeez guys, get a room" I heard jasmine and sophie saying.

Josh smirked cutting the kiss.

"Hey" I whispered threading my fingers through his hair and pulling him closer.

"I missed you" he said in his husky voice.

I giggled "Josh you just saw me last week"

"I know but I can't stand not being around you even for one day" he said brushing his thumb over my lower lip.

"Seriously guys?" Sophie said rolling her eyes.
"Could you maybe stop practically dry humping in the middle of the hallway long enough for us to get to class? We're gonna be late" Sophie said checking her watch.

"Right, I'll see you later babe"
I said to Josh pecking his lips once more and striding off with soph and jas.

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