Chapter Nineteen

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Chapter Nineteen


Leaning forward, Ramone dragged his lips over his mate's bare shoulder. Tabitha groaned softly as she roused from her sleep. "Morning beautiful" he whispered to her. His entire being was still riding the high of their mating the night before. "I love you" he added, kissing her shoulder again as she turned to face him.

"I love you too" Tabitha replied softly. It was the first time she'd said it to him, but despite his smug smile he didn't comment on it.

"I have work to do. You get some more sleep" he told her. She groaned tiredly, and in agreement, before cuddling back into the pillow. Ramone allowed himself a few more moments of admiration, before slipping out the bed.

After showering, and dressing, he gave Tabitha a quick kiss on the forehead – she was back asleep once more – before slipping out the bedroom. He found his brother in the kitchen, sipping on coffee. The machine was still warm, so Ramone poured himself a mug and leant against the island and looked at his brother.

"Thank you" he said. Devon looked up at his brother, seeing the sincerity and truth in his words. Ramone knew that it hadn't been easy for his twin to give Tabitha to him first – sharing a mate was hard, and Devon had selflessly allowed them to mate together. Devon didn't say anything, just stood up and hugged his brother.

"You needed it" he said, patting his back before sitting back down with his coffee. "Tabby still asleep?"

"Yeah, give her a little while longer" Ramone nodded.

Devon snorted, "wear her out did you?"

"Something like that". He finished the last of his coffee in a few gulps, before placing his cup in the sink to clean later. "I'm going to go speak to Kim".

"You know what you're going to do about her stabbing Tabby yet?" Devon asked. He had no love for the Yellowstone wolf and would happy see her executed for hurting his mate, but Seth had given the decision of the punishment to Ramone – and, despite everything, his brother still had a soft spot for the misfit.

"I have an idea. I just need to speak to her, see where her head is at". Ramone have Devon a goodbye pat on the back, before heading out, Devon shouting a quick; 'see you later, bro' as he left.

The pack cells were located underneath their office building. Ramone nodded to a few people as he headed through the building and to the cells underneath. Kim was the only prisoner they had so was in the first cell as he walked in. Kim sat on the small bed cot, her short black hair spiked up wildly and her eyes red slightly.

Seeing her object of affection, Kim practically tripped to her feet before rushing over to the cell door. "Ramone, please, I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. You know how I get, I was just so angry and--"

"I'm exiling you" he blurted out, cutting off her rambling.

"What? No, Ramone, please you can't. You can't" she yelled, dissolving into sobs. "My sister, Mia, and the rest of my family are here. I don't have anywhere else to go. Please, I won't hurt your mate again. I swear it".

Ramone swallowed deeply but kept a hold of his composure. "Stop arguing. The decision has been made; nothing can change that now. You should count yourself luckily, Devon wanted to execute you". That shut Kim up. Ramone studied her for a few minutes before pulling the cell key from his pocket. "I will go with you to pack up your stuff before escorting you from the territory".

"Ramone, please, I'll do anything! You want me to apologise to your mate? I'll do it. I'll do double pack duties for the rest of my life. Fuck, I'll even volunteer with the Yellowstone kids like Alpha Seth wants!" she yelled.

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