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Dahyun pov

I hate that Inha so much

How many time did she want to hurt me

Taehyung oppa I miss you

'Dahyun, wait!'

I heard Mr Park shout at me

I try to walk faster even though it's hurt so much

Mr Park pull my wrist that make me facing him

'what do you want Mr Park?'

'I-I want to help you, your leg still hurt right?'

'I don't need your help Mr Park, I can walk by myself, thank you again'

I bow at him & continue walking


I stop from walking

'I'm sorry about what I just say just now, I know I should n-'

'it's okay Mr Park, I already forgive you, Mr Park please don't help me after this, I'm just ordinary girl, I'm a stealer at your eyes but the truth is not, a stealer like me is really disgusting at your eyes, I know it, I'm just a stupid person, I'm not strong enough to face all of this without my brother support, please Mr Park, I'm begging you, don't help me anymore, I don't want to be close to Mr Park anymore, Inha is right I'm just a bitch that want to steal you from her, before I enter this company, I have a really big hope, my hope is to fulfill my brother dream, he want to see you smile & become a cheerful man like before, but I know I can't do it, but to be honest Mr Park, I already fall in love with you, I don't want to broke Inha heart, please excuse myself Mr Park'

I bow at him before I go with my limping legs

Author pov

Jimin can't say anything

He just stand there & watch her struggle to go downstairs by a stairs

He can't believe what he just heard

Dahyun love him?

Since when?

Without he realise, his tears fall down to his cheeks

He just hurt Dahyun feeling by his word just now

He kneel down

'I'm sorry Dahyun'

It's been a month since that happen

Taehyung already move to another company

It's also Jimin's company

Taehyung notice something different at his sister

He goes to her bedroom

He saw that she was sitting at balcony that were outside of her room

'are you okay dubu?'

Dahyun was a bit startled

'oppa? Ne, I'm okay'

'no you're not, I know my sister well, why? Did you have a problem? If you have, just tell me, I will listen to it'

Dahyun hug him & cry in his embrace

'why? Tell me'

'all of the staff accuse me that I steal Inha project, they treat me so bad, when I sprained my ankle, there's no one want to help me, they just look at me & tell me to just use a stairs'


Dahyun nod her head


'Oppa don't be mad at him, I'm the one that doesn't want him to help me'

'but why dubu?'

'I fall in love with him oppa, I don't want Inha to become more aggressive & she is going to hurt me when she know that I love Mr Park'

'what? You fall in love with him? How can?'

'I also don't know'

Taehyung hug his sister

He comfort her

Taehyung pov

I just feel sorry toward my dubu

How can they treat my precious dubu like that

After a while, I heard someone snoring cutely

I look at my dubu

She already sleep at my chest

I slowly put her on the bed & cover her with a blanket

I go to my room

I call Jimin

'yo bro wassup!'

'why did you do this to my dubu?'

'ahh about that, I'm sorry bro, I didn't mean to hurt her but I was really mad to know that she steal Inha project, I didn't think twice'

'did you believe that she steal it?'

'at first I believe but after I heard all of her explanation, I realise it that she doesn't steal it, a guard just send me a photo & video just now'

'Good! But what kind of photo & video? Is it about a stealer?'

'yes, I'm really disappointed at Inha, she's the one who make that project missing, I should not blame Dahyun, I feel really guilty at her, by the way I just fired Inha'

'glad to hear that, good, you really make a good decision'

'bro can you help me?'

'what kind of help do you need?'

-To be continued-

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Congrats again to Bts & Twice!!! They deserve it! I'm so happy today because there is a lot of Bangtwice moments but sadly there's no fancam yet, Dahmin look so beautiful & handsome tonight!!! I hope there's a lot of Bangtwice moment especially Dahmin for an upcoming show!!! Fighting Twice!!! Fighting Bts!!!

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