Just Friends

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"Ugh! You are such a fat ass Aug!" I managed to laugh out as my best friend, August was on top of me tickling me half to death.

"Aw hell nahh! I'm a fat ass but you at my house everyday diggin' in my damn food pantry!" August said still tickling me.

Just then his phone began to ring.
~phone conversation~

"Aye whadup ma?...now?...Uhhh. Ight. I see you in a few. You too ma...bye" *August hangs up*

"Damn. Uhh. Roc..." August said rubbing his face.

I nodded giving him my full attention.

"I uh. I gotta go ma. My girl just called and said she need me. She prolly just won't this good dick." He said cockily.

"Ewww! Okay." I laughed trying to play off how I really felt.

Truth is, I'm in love with my best friend. I doubt he feels the same way so why risk the chance of ruining what close relationship we already have.
~Later that night~


I looked down at my vibrating phone to see that I was getting a call from August.

"Whaddup fat ass!"

"Nigga. Fuck you!"

"Gladly "

"Ewww! Freak! Lol"

"Ha. What's good ma?"

"Nothing. Chillin"

"Oh. Coo. Yo! You know a nigga bday tomorrow. You tryna chill or what?"

"Uhhh...I dunno Aug. I don't wanna cock block cause I know you're gonna be with your girl."

"Mane fuck hu!! You my nigga. Come on youngin. You know we bout ta turn uhhh!!!!!"

"Ehhh...Alright. What are the plans?"

"You know, the usual. Chill at my place maybe watch some movies and snack."

"Okay cool. Well I gotta go. I'll text you in a few."

"Ight ma"

I got off the phone with August and decided to take a long hot bubble bath. I had a long ass day at school and I needed to relax.

I undressed and slowly stepped into the tub.

"Ahhhh" I sighed as I felt my tense muscles start to relax.

As I was relaxing I started to think about August. I started to think about how I wanted him to touch me and sweetly caress my body.

I began to massage my breasts and lightly squeeze my nipples. I soon began to feel my pussy start to tingle and I knew it wasn't because of the hot water.

I moved my hand down to my pussy and began to gently massage my clit.

"Mmmm." I moaned as I bit down on my lip and continued to massage my tingling clit.

I continued doing this until I felt my release.

Once it was over, I just closed my eyes and relaxed while I listened to my soothing music.
~The Next Day~

I  woke up and prepared myself for the day. After I was done, I text August telling him I was ready. Within a few minutes, he was honking his horn for me outside my house.

I hopped in his all black camaro.

"Wassup ma?" August said taking off his sun glasses. I snatched them away and put them on and stuck a watermelon jolly rancher sucker in my mouth.

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