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"Kenzie, kenzie get up" Avani shook me violently

"ugh what do you want?" i groaned

"come on let's go out or something, you cant stay in bed forever" avani reasoned

"no, staying in bed forever is what i plan intend to do." It's been two weeks since i flew back home, and sleeping and eating every couple days has been my recent routine.

"well then that's a shame, cause i don't think i flew all the way out here, and left just to see you sleep." a deep voice said from the doorway of my room.
I recognized the voice instantly.
I threw myself up from the comfort of my covers, and into the comfort of Anthony's arms.

"You have no idea how much i've missed you" i whispered as i took in anthony's scent.

"i've missed you too matthews, everyone on tour has." anthony replied while wrapping his arms around me squishing me closer into his chest.

In this moment, it almost felt like the pain Chase had left in me, was numbed.

We untangled ourselves from each other, and chuckled when we saw Avani awkwardly standing in the middle of the room, watching us.

"hey, don't stop on my account" avani teased

Me and anthony eyed each other, almost taking up on avani's offer, but i held myself back.

"So, what do you guys want to do?" anthony asked clearing the air

"actually why don't you guys go have some fun? i think i'm just going to go take a break, after all i've been putting up with kenzie for the past two weeks." Avani said quickly

As she walked out the room she turned towards anthony, "she's all yours" then she left.

Anthony smirked at me, "about time"

i chuckled lightly, "careful there, reeves"

"don't worry, i always am," he responded, winking

"Focus anthony, we still need to figure out what we're doing today" i reminded him

"oh don't worry, i've practically spent the entire plane ride thinking of all the things i want to do to you-i mean with you" anthony responded

"well, care to share?"

"mm i think i'll keep it a surprise, just get ready, and wear something comfy. i'll be waiting downstairs." anthony walked towards the door, "Oh and make sure you pack a bag for a couple of days, i'll take care of the rest."

and with that Anthony walked out.

A huge smile spread across my face.
It was the first smile, in what felt like forever.

I practically danced as i got ready.
I threw on a pair of black leggings and a matching black sports bra.
I put on some white high top converse and then walked downstairs.

Anthony was sitting on the couch, but once me noticed me his eyes shot you and glanced over my body. analyzing every curve.

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