Band Practice :)

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You have been in a band for quite a long time and you have a crush on the cute drummer. <3 He was exactly what you needed because he was so cute and always so sweet towards you. You always blushed while being with him. 

"Hey Y/N, today we have band practice and we are going on Jeremy's car." said C/N.

"Oh Okay! :)" You said happily.

Your heart skipped a beat when he said that. You tried not to smile after he left but you can't. The grin just came out unsuspectedly. <3

(Skipping to after school!!!)

You slowly walked up to C/N and tried to look chill even though your heart was beating real fast.

"Oh hey Y/N, you ready? Lets go, we are just waiting for Jeremy's mom." 

His voice was so sweet and calm and it instantly made your heart skip a beat.

When u guys are on the car, he sat next to you and you felt his head on your shoulder. You smelled his scent which gave you butterflies. He kept messing with you and making you feel like you are the happiest girl alive! He then went to the front to sit because he got car sick. You thought he left so your heart dropped. Then after like 5 minutes, he came right back and you smiled. 

"Why did you come back? I thought you got car sick" You asked.

"Well, I came back because I want to be with you :)" C/N blushed while saying that.

"Hahah thats so sweet :)" You blushed, Your heart is melting and butterflies won't stop flapping in your stomach.

Afterwards when u guys got to the practice place, he started playing drums. He was so adorable you cannot stop thinking about how great it would be if he was actually yours. C/N then looked at you. He smiled at you, his smile was soooo cute that it made you blush and felt every twitch in your body. He winked at you and you tried so damn hard not to blush. 

At one point, you walked to the drums where he was sitting. He they hugged you pulling you close to his waist and he offered teaching you to play drums. You were really happy and excited so you said yes. (DUH) 

He hold your hand while teaching how to play it. You cannot really concentrate on what he is teaching you because all you are thinking about is him holding your hand teaching you to play drums.

When you guys were left alone in the room, he suddenly pressed you against the wall and kissed you passionately. You were like wait, what is happening right now. Your dream finally came true! 

"I have liked you for a long time, will you be my girlfriend?" C/N asked you looking into your eyes.

You blushed and said yes still blushing <3 

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