Alex Danvers- Crying (c)

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With tears streaming down your face, you pulled the blankets up around you as you sat in the middle of the sofa, eyes transfixed by the television. Around you on the sofa and across the coffee table were more packages from food than you thought could be in your house, but you had managed to get through them all. Proudly in the middle was an open pizza box, half a pizza still inside of it even though it was now cold, and next to that was partially eaten pint of mint chocolate chip ice-cream, now mainly defrosted and in a slush-like consistency.

It may have been a shameful scene, but you didn't feel such a thing until Alex returned home from work and gave you a quizzical look. When she had left in the morning, you had been on the sofa but with nothing more than a bowl of popcorn, but now it looked as though you had emptied the whole kitchen and maybe some of the neighbours as well.

"Are you okay?" She asked, taking off her coat and hanging it up.

Tearfully you nodded your head even though it was pretty obvious that it was a lie. Alex wasn't stupid and it certainly didn't take a genius to see that you weren't as fine as you claimed to be.

"What happened?" She asked, making her way over to you.

It took her a moment to move all the empty wrappers and figure out what still had the remnants of food in before she was able to sit down next to you on the sofa. Using the remote, you paused the film that you were watching, not wanting to miss any of it.

"Nothing," you lied.

She wrapped an arm around you, holding you close to her, becoming more concerned by the second.

"You're crying and have eaten your wait in snacks, something is up," she frowned.

You didn't want to admit the truth now that she was genuinely concerned. It wasn't anything important that left you such a state, and it certainly wasn't a cause for concern, but you were now in too deep for that matter.

"Really, it's nothing," you frowned. "Um... I've been watching Harry Potter and I may have gotten a little emotional over Sirius dying."

Alex paused before letting out a laugh as she hugged you tighter.

"He deserved better," she chuckled. "But I was worried that something bad happened."

"Sirius Black dying is something bad happening."


Written by Charlotte.

Tumblr Request.

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