Chapter 29

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"Pierce..." I said with bated breath.

He shook his head and laughed bitterly. "I came in early to find the report that I needed for today. But I found this instead." He lifted a black leather book with a few papers attached to it. "It has my name on it." He calmly said.

"Pierce..." I called out his name again.

"I can—"

He immediately interjected, "How long did you keep this from me?" His stare was stone cold. He was being oddly calm about this but by the way he looked at me told me otherwise about the fury his eyes held.

"B-before I met you. I was supposed to—" I blabbered nervously. My lips quivered as I felt terrified facing this man who was beginning to feel distant and cold. He slammed the black leather book he was holding onto my desk before I could even finish my sentence. I flinched in surprise and the tears flowed out rapidly.

"You bloody knew this was important to me!" He yelled. His face began to turn red from anger. Running a hand through his neatly groomed hair, He pulled it in frustration as his brows furrowed deep while he was thinking.

He then spoke again, "All this time I thought my father didn't care about me! I've waited twenty fucking years for this. I agreed to come back because I wanted answers. When I found out that he just wanted me to have this company broke me. No letter. No message. No nothing."

He paused as his chest heaved deeply.

"Wondering why I'm still here? It's because of you!" He strongly pointed an accusing finger at me his voice loud and angry.

Sobbing, I sympathize with him. I knew he was still missing a piece of himself. I couldn't deny that these past few months, I had seen him happy. Smiling that reached his eyes even. His eyes were bright that told him that he was doing okay. I didn't know what that package contained but I knew it was what he was looking for.

He turned his angry gaze at me, "You're really something, huh?"

He paused then continued, "Why? You want more money? Is this what it's all about? Was five hundred grand not enough for you? Is that why you stuck around and lied to my face?" He sneered as his voice was laced with venom.

What? No.

None of it was even true.

"You manipulated me into thinking that you were different. You're worse, Olivia. This is low, even for you." He continued with much disdain.

I wanted to fight back and speak for myself. However, I couldn't find my voice. I felt that this was my entire fault. The words he spoke hurt all of my being. How could he assume such thing? I tried to remind myself that he was just angry and that he didn't know anything. He needed to understand.

Sobbing uncontrollably, "I-It's not w-what you think." I muttered through my blurred vision as my tears were in the way, tasting the saltiness of it as it fell at the corner of my lips. "P-please, you have to trust me and let me explain." I pleaded with him, hoping that he would calm down. I wanted to sit with him and tell him everything but the situation I was in was just hard to reverse.

"No! I just... Get out! I can't even look at you right now."

No. Please, no.

I dropped my things that I was holding on the floor and walked towards him. Reaching out to him but he just recoiled from my touch like it was acid. "You're mad and I understand that. You didn't mean what you said." I tried to convince him. However, it felt like I was the one trying to convince myself that. Was I a terrible person? I was just following Wilson's request after all. He might have miscalculated this situation I was in. But I couldn't blame Wilson though. He probably tried to protect him as well. If I wasn't meant to be in his life then I was glad I got a glimpse of what should have been between us.

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