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{ Aqua POV }

"It's Friday Friday gonna get down on a Friday." I sang down the halls.

"Why the fuck do you keep singing that shit early in the morning?" Joey nagged.

"Cause its Friday bitch." I screamed, everybody turned to watch what me and Joey was doing.

"Bitch don't be fucking screaming at me. I will fuck up your ugly face." He yelled while clapping his hands.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. We walked on in to World History. Leah wasn't here today so it was just gonna be me and Joey.

I didn't feel like talking to him considering that he was talking to someone else.

That mono coño... Haha Spanish comes in handy.

Calum: I'm horny

Calum: -new picture message-

Me: that actually turned me on

Calum: ;) imagine me kissing your neck while squeezing your boobs

Calum: then I leave hickies and I trail kisses down your body

Calum: have you ever fingered yourself?

Me: yeah I have a vibrator

Calum: iight

Me: what?

Calum: nothing

Me: -.-

Calum: ;)

"Who are you texting?" Joey said as we walked out the class.

"Your mom." I said rolling my eyes.

"Gasp tell her how you doin." Joey said in his best Wendy Williams voice.

"No cause she hates you and your existence." I sassed.

Branson: hey beautiful

Me: hey how are you

Branson: Gucci

Me: -.-

Me: that sounded so ghetto

Branson: lmfao cause I'm a G

Me: I'm so fly

"Your so lame." Branson said behind me making me jump.


This is basically a filler chapter.

Guise I feel like you guys hate my story. I don't know I just get that vibe.



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