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|| A/N || this is a game I'm playing and I'm stuck on this level can anyone help me figure it out?


{ Aqua POV }

It is Thursday night and I'm normally stay up to watch Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. And I was going to carry on the tradition today.

Branson: hey aqua what's up

Me: waiting on my shows

Branson: #htgawm

Me: yass

Branson: who you think killed that girl

Me: Sam duh

Branson: true maybe lmfao

Me: wanna play a game while we wait

Branson: sure

Me: name the song

Me: Michelle Obama purse so heavy getting Oprah dollas

Branson: Boss

Me: easy on :)

Me: All these fairy tales are full of shit one more more stupid love songs ill be sick

Branson: pay phone

Me: if your looking for a love know that love don't live her anymore

Branson: someone else Miley Cyrus get on my level ;)

Me: I'm way beyond your level

Branson: says who

Me: says beyonce

Branson: Leah dont count

Me: and why not

Branson: cause I say so

Me: -picture message- what should I wear tomorrow

Branson: gosh you are so beautiful

Branson: did it hurt when you fell from heaven

Me: yes

Branson: are you from Tennessee

Branson: cause your the only ten I see

Me: :)

Branson: no but for real Aqua you are really beautiful

Me: not really but thanks

Branson: if only you could see what I see

Me: why are you being so nice

Branson: because I like you Aqua

Me: /.\

Branson: can I take you on a date sometime

Me: do I have to wear a dress?

Branson: no I only was gonna take you to chipotle

Me: if you do I will love you forever

Branson: promise?

Me: promise?

Branson: maybe promise will be our always

Me: maybe

Me: Branson your making me blush

Me: I look like a cherry

Me: -picture message-

Branson: you can be my cherry ;)

Me: but aren't you allergic

Branson: I'd take one for you

Me: I don't want you to go killing yourself. Cause I like you too.

Branson: -new picture message- now you got me blushing

Me: you look so sexy when you blush

Me: we'll how to get away with murder is on

Me: I'll talk to you tomorrow

Branson: okay babe ;)

{ Calum Hood POV }

Me: Aqua I'm horny

Me: are you there

Me: your my friend with benefit come on

Me: why are you ignoring me

Me: did I do something wrong

Me: I'm sorry

Me: I love you?

Me: fine don't say it back

Me: aqua the silence is killing me softly

Me: okay your gonna force me to send dick pics

Me: -new picture message-

Me: -new picture message-

Me: -new picture message-

Me: seriously not even a read

Me: okay well sorry for buggin you

Me: bye

I can't believe she is seriously not responding to me. Did she not like the sex last time? No it can't be that's why Morgan keeps coming back for more.

I really don't want to have sex with Morgan she isn't as good as Aqua.

Why isn't she talking to me. I'm just gonna text her again.

Me: Aqua

Me: Aqua

Me: I am so lonely

Me: I got no body

Me: you got a friend in me

Me: there is no home like the one you got

Me: cause that home belongs to you

Me: do you work at subway cause I swear you just gave me a footlong

Me: no okay bye

Maybe I should call her?

No straight to voicemail. Fuck.

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