he talked to me again


yeah i think so

he was playing basketball and I was watching some lame ass game and laughing with my friends bc we're just that kind of white girls. and then the ball flew over (this happened the day before too fml) and like bounced so close to me I had to like scream at my friend "hoLD ME"

and the best part is yet to come

he walks over. he picks up the ball. he crouched down in front of me and asks if I'm okay. I go, "um..." and rub my head for effect. and then he gives me a puppy face and says "sorry. hope you're okay." and then walks back to the game.


oH and thaTS NOT ALL

later when I was walking back to my (lame) class after french he like walked up to me and then like walked away for a sec. and then he went to his friend and said "hey it looks like everyone's afraid of the internet." and I was like (in my head) naw bitch I talk about you on here lmao

then he says to his friend "watch" and then walks up to me????? he screams "INTERNET" really loudly and I just like give him the derp face

him and his fuckin puns

this is why he needs to marry me thANX

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