Chapter 05 - You are so cute!✔

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"See you in two weeks Violet!" Ana said waving.

Violet only nodded and waved 'goodbye' to her friends as she waited for Luca to come and pick her up.

Soon a black jeep pulled up at the hospital entrance and Luca jumped out the driver's seat. He quickly picked up Violet's bags putting them in the trunk. He then helped Violet get in the back seat.

"You ready?" He asked starting the engine.

Violet was lying on her back. She extended her left arm and showed Luca a thumbs up. Luca chuckled and sped off.


Luca pulled up in front of a row of houses. He dangled the keys, killing the engine in the process and walking out. He got Violet's bags out of the trunk and slumped them over his shoulder. He then proceeded to get Violet in the house.

He opened the back seat door. Violet was up in a sitting position and Luca snaked his right arm under her legs and his left arm on her lower back. He pulled her towards him and picked her up bridal style.

Violet squealed a little, but quickly kept quiet when she felt Luca's chest vibrate with laughter. He closed the car door and headed inside, through the big house gates.

The house was pretty big. Three bedrooms, one living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a really big yard.

Luca set Violet down on the white fluffy couch, while he went to leave her bags in her room. Violet quickly took in her surroundings.

The couch was molding with the big dark blue wall behind it. The wall was decorated with white cherry blossoms.That was the only color splashed wall in the room. The rest were plain white.

There was a big TV across the couch with a full blown stereo system. There was a small coffee table and a cute fireplace as well. It was a really dull living room with not much furniture in it.

But there was one thing in particular that caught her attention. A set of glass double doors that led out to the patio.

There was a small fireplace that looks like a bonfire out there. There were couches and chairs surrounding it. It was beautiful.

It was already night out, so the room was falling into a deep state of darkness.

"Alright, your bags are set in your room, so do you want to..." Luca stopped mid sentence as he looked over at Violet, who was absentmindedly watching the night sky through the big patio doors.

He sat down next to her. He pulled her into his lap and looked at her beautiful face.

"How are you holding up?" He asked her, caressing her arms.

"Somehow." She answered, leaning into him. "When do I get to meet your famous friend?"

"Right now!" A female voice exclaimed coming into the living room.

Violet looked towards the door, to see a beautiful white haired girl with pig tails. Her deep sea green eyes twinkled exactly like Luca's when she first met him in the hospital.

"Hi Violet! I'm so happy to finally meet you!" The girl sat down next to her and Luca.

"I'm Mina by the way. Welcome to our home!" She said.

Violet shied away from the energetic and stunning girl.

"Nice to meet you." She said.

Mina's eyes sparkled with joy and she pulled Violet into a gentle hug.

"You are so cute!" She exclaimed.

Violet blushed at the softness of Mina's chest.

"That's enough Mina, stop hogging her!" Luca said pulling Violet back into his embrace.

"Sorry hot shot." Mina put her hands up in surrender.

"So Violet do you want to watch a movie?" Mina asked while Violet nodded.

She was really glad that Mina wasn't asking questions on how she's doing or what happened.

"Alright, which shall we watch?" Luca asked.

"Let's see what we can find." Mina said turning the TV on.

She flipped through the channels like a maniac, until she landed on 'Twilight'.

"Oh God not this again." Luca said leaning his forehead on Violet's small back.

"Shut up! Twilight is a good movie!" Mina argued. "Edward's cute! Don't you agree Violet?"

"I'm not into the whole tinker-bell Edward crap."

"Yes! Finally my people!" Luca said giving Violet a kiss on the cheek.

"But you've watched the movie right?"Mina asked hopeful.

"Only for the shirtless Taylor Lautner scenes." Violet shrugged.

"Oh so you like guys like that?" Luca arched his brow. "Okay, I can work with that."

He put Violet down next to him while he pulled his shirt off. His defined abs made an appearance and Violet blushed madly and hid behind Mina.

"Hey, hey! Don't hide now!" Luca pulled her to him again.

Her whole face was a red mess. Her brown eyes turned red again and Luca's eyes widened a bit. He touched her lips to feel them burning.

"Violet, did you kiss his highness'?" He asked.

"Yeah... That's how we sealed the deal... why?" She was confused.

Luca smirked and gave Mina a look. Mina returned it with a smile. Violet was starting to feel dizzy from the burning inside her body.

Luca's finger tips moved over Violet's full pink lips, slowly caressing them. This action made Violet shudder. He pulled her face towards him and kissed her.

This ignited an unexplained fire in Violet. Mina and Luca felt hot. Violet was releasing her hormones in an abrupt matter, making everybody near her feel pleasured.

Mina pulled Luca's head back panting.

"Stop this... Her hormones are unbearable!"

Luca was panting as well, feeling something incredible.

"So, she does have that gift..." He said.

"Yeah... She has more then just that gift..." Mina said caressing Violet's cheek.

Her eyes turned back to brown as she calmed down. She was now just staring at them blindly. All the energy she had was gone. She just wanted to sleep.

"Violet! You really are cute!" Luca said kissing her on the nose.

He picked her up and carried her to her room. Mina tucked the small girl in and sighed.

"We are going to have a lot of work to do here." She said.

"Yup." Luca said.

"Are you gonna take care of that?" Mina asked, still watching Violet sleep.

Luca looked down at his pants and sighed.

"This is going to be a BIG problem in the future."

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