A Dan Howell Love Story. - Chapter One.

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It was early on Friday morning, I was lounged on my sofa munching on some BBQ Flavour Llama snacks. (A/N; Yeah, where I live, they are actually a real thing and damn they are tasty!) I glanced at the clock and realised the time, 1:00 am, Shit. I shot up fast and legged it out of the living room, through the hall way, up the stairs, along the landing and into my room, tripping over what I think was shoes and face-planting my bed. Ow. I reached underneath my black leather bed and pulled out my Macbook, opening the lid, turning it on a proceeding to wait for it to wake itself up. After a few minutes, probably less but I wasn't really taking much notice, I typed in my password and logged on. I had 7 un-read emails, but I haven't got the the time to be checking them now. I opened my browser and my homepage, youtube, appeared. At the top of my subscription box, there it was, A brand new danisnotonfire video titled "Life's Unanswerable Questions" I crossed my legs to get comfy, then double clicked the video. After 7 minutes and 37 seconds, it was over, I was still laughing and man-kinds stupidity, but inside I felt sad, no more Dan Howell until next Thursday.. what am I doing with my life, obsessing over some youtuber I'm probably never going to meet. 

Deciding I wasn't yet ready to sleep, I realised lately my subscription box had been lacking some AmazingPhil lately, I went to his channel and realise he hadn't uploaded for 2 weeks! Ashamed Phil, A-SHAMED. But, I love him, you can't not love him, it's the same with Dan, they're seriously love-able guys.  I convinced myself to get off my lazy ass and go find my camera, Canon 60D, same one as the guys and proceeded to film a lovey dovey video response to Dan's video, telling him how obsessed I am with him and Phil and how I would give anything to be able to meet them both. I rendered my newly recorded video and posted it as a video response, I wasn't scared because I thought they probably gets thousands of these, they won't watch it, mine won't stand out to them any more than any of the others would. 

I logged out of my Macbook, turned it off and shoved it back under my bed. I undressed and put on some pj shorts and my "I'm A Danosaur rawr!" t-shirt, put todays clothes in my linen basket and walked back downstairs into the kitchen. I turned off the tv that shows outsides CCTV, boiled the kettle and rummaged through the fridge to find some food, I found some chicken, lettuce and mayo wraps then collected the milk, a cup, poured in some of the milk and placed it next to the kettle. I retreved my wraps and placed them on the table, I finished making my cup of tea and set that down beside my wraps too. I nommed down both wraps and finished that off with a burp. 

"Excuse me" I said, to nobody but myself.

I grabbed my cup of tea and headed up to bed, setting the heating for about 11:30 am and closing the doors behind me. I plodded up the stairs and into my room, placing my cup on the desk. I  walked off to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash off todays makeup. I dried my face and went to walk back into my room when I see a figure standing in front of me, I know, its Ryan, my brother. 

"Hey, did you want something?" I spoke, holding back a yawn.

"You disturbed me, Roxanne." He scolded.

Oh god, he used my actual name, not Roxie, He's definately not a happy bunny. 

"Sorry bro, well mum's away, might as well make the most of it." I smiled.

"Whatever, I'm going back to bed" He sais, un-impressed. 

"Night" I replied, blankly.

I walked off into my room, put my phone on charge and drank down my cup of tea, placed the cup back down on the side and eventually climbed into be and drifted off into a deep, comfortable sleep. 

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