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"Havillah!" Killion shouted once again unable to restrain himself from banging his fists on the heavily gilded doors. The barrier was down and even though that worried him he was more concerned about Havillah's welfare and the fact that she was continuously avoiding him.

Grandma Kezzia's words were still ringing in his mind. He had been charged not to go back without Havillah and any protests his mother had made to defend him had been met with a glare and a cold shoulder,an event that rarely occurred between his two guardians. He could not blame them though. On one side was his mother's friendship with Selene. Their friendship was great seeing that the two of them had been practically raised together being neighbors and despite the not so subtle differences in their characters, the affection was there and it ran deep cemented by the hope that their two families would finally be joined through the marriage of their two children. On the other side was grandma Kezzia and she herself was a force to be reckoned with. The woman delighted herself in the awkward and loved to be different if only to challenge the status quo which in this case was the unwritten law that Killion and Calla would end up together. The presence of Havillah challenged this as well and the fact that Killion did not take them seriously seemed to make it worse especially where his mother and Calla were concerned. It did not matter that Havillah insisted on looking at him as a brother and now, because of all these, because of his mother's attitude towards the girl everything was just a big mess and he had no idea how to rectify it.

"Havillah! Please, hear me out!" he cried out once again. The girl was stubborn but then again, that was the price he had to pay for what he had taken through. Hadn't she been gracious enough to and risked everything for him? Yet, this was how he paid her. This was how he paid her for saving his life and restoring him back to his family.

"Who are you and what do you have to do with Havillah?" a strong feminine voice suddenly and Killion turned to find its source.

Infront of him stood a woman. She was almost the age of his own mother but that was not what surprised him. Like Havillah she had that same long silken robes with golden embroidery, only that hers were a deep purple that contrasting sharply with the silver waves that cascaded down her head to the back of her robes. Her skin was a dark caramel and the more he gazed into her silver eyes that matched ash blonde of her hair, the more he saw the similarities that she bore to Havillah. Who was she? He questioned himself. Her mother? Her sister? Killion shook his head.

"I am her friend. She saved my life."

"So it was you?" another voice spoke from the shadows even as an incredibly yellow head came out into view. As she drew closer, he noticed that her robes were green, same as the startling emerald that was the colour of her eyes.

"Kierra!" Killion looked up in confusion as yet another face appeared. The red robes looked familiar, but not the red hair or the fair skin that was accentuated by a pair of stunning blue eyes.

"You are the reason Havillah was cast away?" the blonde girl proceeded to probe him, sizing him up as an accusing finger proded his chest, surprising Killion at the sheer strength the little girl seemed to carry.

"Kierra... We do not want to wound him. If it is really so and Havillah risked her life and everything to save him, do you think that she would approve of us wanting to harm him?" The red head reasoned even as a thoughtful look crossed the older woman's face. The blonde girl referred to Kierra shrugged her shoulders as she seemed turn to look up at the older of the three for guidance.

" You say that Havillah was here? "

" She was but now she is not answering my calls... Not that this is the first time..." he trailed off thinking back to that other wait which had ended just that morning. As it was, the girl was turning out to be quite reclusive and it did not help that he somehow felt like he had wronged her in some way.

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