Shopping {Zenitsu Agatsuma}

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✦ Modern AU, no manga spoilers obviously; christmas oneshot

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Modern AU, no manga spoilers obviously; christmas oneshot.


The snow slowly fell on your gloved hands. The characteristic cold of winter was enough for you not to want to leave the house -it would be much more comfortable to snuggle up next to a fire and watch Christmas movies all day- but for nothing in the world you wanted to miss the Christmas offers. What's more, Zenitsu Agatsuma, who's been your boyfriend for over a year, had agreed to go shopping with you.

The streets were full of people and lights of all colors and sizes, you could see families enjoying Christmas food and couples skating on a frozen lake. Seeing that adorable scene, your eyes widened and you pulled the blond over there.

"(Name), sweetie, I'm not sure about this," Zenitsu protested as you put on the skates. He looked like a terrified child. "What if the ice breaks and we kill ourselves? I can't take a chance, in any way!"

Zenitsu crossed his arms and turned his body in another direction.

"But... you said you would do what I asked you" you put puppy eyes looking at him from below, pretending disappointment.

"D-Don't look at me like that. Agh, okay, let's go."

In the end you ended up teaching Zenitsu to skate while he clung tightly to you. At one point, he felt useless, as he saw children younger than him skate freely. But he loved being so close to you and admiring every little detail of your face without you suspecting anything.

After a beautiful experience in which you and Zenitsu fell a million times due to the lack of experience of both, the blond insisted on getting out of there to do the shopping. You two walked the streets full of shops, intertwined hand in hand while looking for nothing specific.

"Zenitsu, look! Isn't it adorable?" You pointed towards a teddy bear the size of a door.

You squeezed it into your arms, making Zenitsu feel a pinch of jealousy.

"Well, how about this pikachu? It's even more adorable"

You tilted your head when you saw him caressing a pikachu plush agressively. Then you shook your head in negation.

"No, this bear is way cuter"

You could hear his heart break. He let the pikachu on a shelf and walk towards the cashier while gritting his teeth and muttering childish complaints.

You went in and out of various stores filling your arms with thousands of bags that, although they weighed and Zenitsu insisted on carrying them, you refused sure that your physical strength was sufficient. Needless to say, the blond felt bad, he was accompanying you to do christmas shopping but you were the one who paid for everything and carried the bags. He felt like a crappy boyfriend.

The pleasant ginger aroma flooded your nostrils. You saw a stand of gingerbread cookies that looked adorable, so you took Zenitsu's hand and pulled him towards it. The heat of the cookies eased the cold you were feeling despite having several coats on.

"Why don't you let me pay?" Zenitsu asked suddenly, as you two walked away from the stand in the direction of more stores.

"Well... Nezuko needed a new dress, Tanjiro has been wanting a book for months, I owe Inosuke some weights, Kanao would look good with new earrings... oh, and of course I had to buy your christmas gift! " you exclaimed giving him a closed-eyes smile "Everything I'm buying is my responsibility, don't feel obligated to pay for me"

You knew that Zenitsu had been working in his grandfather's store for quite some time to become self-sufficient and buy nice things for you, because you were always the one who paid on the dates you had. But every time he tried to pay himself, you refused and decided to put the money yourself.

With the mellow sound of Christmas carols and the lights that shone everywhere, you felt more encouraged to continue with Christmas shopping. You really loved spending time with Zenitsu, even doing things that once seemed boring to you like shopping.

Then, when you were about to suggest going to a coffee shop, he stopped walking. You looked back at him in wonder, why did he stop?

He had a serious expression on his face, thoughtful, even. You thought something was wrong.

"Are you ok, Zenitsu? Did something happen?"

He didn't answer. He simply walked forward until he was a few inches away from you. He took something out from his pocket, as he wrapped his arms around your figure. You couldn't correspond the hug because of the weight the bags where putting on your arms. Besides, you were confused of why he hugged you so suddenly.

When Zenitsu pulled away from you, he gave you a small smile.

"Zenitsu? What's wrong? Are you sick of something, sweetie?" you asked worriedly, he just kept walking, you hurried to follow him.

As you continued with your way behind him, it occurred to you to look away towards a window, in which you appreciated your reflection. Hanging from your neck there was a golden necklace of a lightning bolt.

You chuckled at the sweet detail, following your boyfriend again.


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