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"Cause you know that. Things get so bad"


It has been a good three weeks since M/N and Jeongguk hung out, the two of them have been texting each other almost every day. And Jeongguk is still wearing the hoodie every time he goes to bed, it made him fall asleep and if he was lucky he wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night and wouldn't be able to get back to sleep.

But recently things have been going down, and it has effected Jeongguk a lot. Jeongguk has been getting a lot of hate on social media.
At first, it meant nothing because it happens to people once in a while, but soon the hate grew and Jeongguk got effected by it. He has gotten hate about a stupid dating rumour that wasn't true at all, he was able to let the rumour go and think about something else. That was before people started to hate on him as a person, his body, voice and more. The hate "bucket" was big, his head told him to stop eating breakfast, dinner and snacks, it wasn't healthy at all. That boy had lost almost 8 kilos after a few days, you could see his ribs and if you looked up close you could see how pale he was getting. His members were too busy to notice, they had their own problems. Jeongguk would get yelled at when he didn't get the moves right at practice or when his voice broke during a song... 

The poor member was breaking down and was close to doing things he didn't want to in the end... 

One night he was woken up to tears running down of his face. Woken up by a nightmare, a nightmare where he saw everyone leave and die in front of him... Without thinking or even trying to calm down he just walked into his bathroom and stared into the mirror with, no lights in the cold room... All he could see was a broken and pale boy with no life in his eyes... 

He walks out of the bathroom and back into his room and starts to pack a few pieces of clothing, collects his phone, phone charter, purse and his headphones. Then he walks out of the room without waking his members up, as he got to the living room all the memories flew into his head again. But he had to get out, he had to get out and it was now before things took the wrong turn. 

He walks over to the door and looks back at the big photo of the boys for every time they won an award. A tear fell and he knew that it was for the best that he ran away for forever or just for some time.

He locks the door and knew that now there was no time to turn back and regret the choice.

"Hey hyung it's me. I just... I just wanted to say that I'm coming, I need to get away..." A sob left his mouth as he was speaking into the phone. M/N didn't pick up the phone call and was probably asleep at the moment. 

And soon Jeongguk was on his way to Norway's capital Oslo, trying to find home... 


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