Chapter 12

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After my divorce from Raven and the statement, she made I was not myself I was so angry and hurt that she would do that to me
I loved that girl. I still do so when I told my parents about the divorce and what she did. My mom was disappointed in me. She asked if the picture were real that it did not look real, she asked who gave it to me, I told her I found it on my office table she asked if I did check the picture if it was real or photoshopped, I told her no, I was too damn angry to check all that. she called her PI to check it which came out to be fake, we traced it down. I found out it was my assistant that did all this simply because she was in love with me. Like what the hell, I would never go for a girl like her, she was too fake.  I was devastated, I cried, I was so ashamed of myself. I went to her parent's house to apologize to her since that was she will be but they told me they disowned her and I told them the pictures were fake how could they not trust their daughter "like I trusted her am so stupid".

We searched for her but it was like she did not want to be found but I was a little bit suspicious her sister was behaving somehow like she knew something but didn't want to say. But who was I to question her? My family was disappointed in me if only they were around when all this happened. They were celebrating their thirty years of marriage on a remote island and I did not want to disturb them.
They were disappointed and told me that what I did was wrong that am supposed to trust my wife now she is nowhere to be found
It's been almost seven years of searching for Raven but nothing. My life has been miserable but nobody knows how I feel. My business has been going well because all I do is work work, work, and work. I hardly go home  why should I even go home when no one will be there waiting for me

So when my friend called me and told me he was getting married I was so happy for him, he told me to be his best man which I accepted. I told my parents about the wedding and they said they were going to come since my friend was like a son to them and it was Raven's sister that he was getting married to, she's a nice person.

During the reception, I was told to make a speech which I did and they said somebody from the bride side to make a speech when they called her name "Raven Carmichael I was like who was that when we heard am here I was in shock I did not expect to see "Raven my Raven"...

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