Chapter 11

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See what I was saying, a control freak, I just looked at him and said, "You don't own me, neither are you my husband. So please stop trying to control me. I'm not that girl anymore. I do what I want to do so fuck off", then I left him there and told someone else to serve them.

I'm done with his nonsense. He can't come back into my life and boss me over just because we have a kid together. No, I will not let him try and control me again. Never!

Ethan Pov

She toils here? Why would she even work in this kind of location? How did she even get the job? And when I asked her to quit, her reply was surprising.

I just don't like her working in this kind of environment where men can stare at her and do things to her and what not?!.

I have the money to take care of her and our kid. She doesn't need to work.

Okay, she's right, I'm a little controlling. I'm the reason she is here in the first place. If I hadn't filed for a divorce, all this would not have arisen. I'm at fault.

I hurt her again. I should try thinking about how she feels about it and stop making decisions for her.

God, I'm so fucking stupid.

I looked down at my daughter, she was glaring at me. Oh, I'm dead! 

"Go apologize to mama now!'' she said, pointing her finger at me. Damn, she's so little yet so scary.

I should apologize to Raven. I ran after her only to see her hugging a guy and he was consoling her, with his hands all over her.

Now I'm green with jealousy. Who the fuck does he think he is? He touched my woman.

I was livid! I moved toward them and blew up again, "Raven who is he? Is he your beau? Is he your sex pal or som-", before I could complete my sentence Raven slapped me.

"You disgust me. Why will you say that to me? Yet again you're jumping to conclusions. You know nothing about me. I don't want to see your fucking face again unless it's about Blue", then she stormed out of the room.

Oh my fucking God. That was FALSE on so many degrees. But I just couldn't hold my dialect. I was feeling angry and jealous at the same time. I just-Ugh!

The guy looked at me and I was outraged to see it was Dave.

He threw daggers at me with his eyes, "I thought you have changed Ethan, but you're still the same. Most importantly, insecure and doubtful. That was the reason your marriage fell apart," he said. He was just about to leave the room when he halted and said, "Just so you know, Raven and I are just friends and I'm happily married to my husband."

I think he is right about my behavior and attitude. I do have some anger issues, that was the reason why my first girlfriend broke up with me. I got so furious and punched her when she was talking to a guy, and I didn't know it was her brother.

After that day she got so scared of me and broke up with me. Even though I tried to apologize to her she wouldn't let me close to her without looking so scared. I have to work on that if I want things to work out between me and Raven.

And especially if I don't want to lose my girls.

Raven Pov

I was angry and crying. Dave was just consoling me, only for that idiot to insult me. I am so done with him. I can't even believe I was thinking of forgiving him and trying to work out our issues.

Then I got a call. Checking the caller id, I was shocked. It was from the people who practically disowned me. I don't even want to pick their call. I'm so mad right now, and picking this call will just add fuel to my raging fire.

I need to talk to Amanda right now so I left. I know Ethan will bring Blue home when she was ready to come.

I called my friend and we met up. I told her what happened and she just looked at me and said, "Let it out". Immediately I started bawling my eyes out till they felt dry like the Sahara desert.

"I loved him so much. Why does he like hurting me?", I started dryly, "You need to see the way he was talking to me, Maddy. I'm so angry and I guess I was too hopeful, I thought we could work things out. I guess I was wrong" I finished with a little hiccup.

"Oh, honey. Don't give up on him. I know you are angry and I'm sure he feels bad for what he said", she said.

"Why do you keep supporting him?" I let out in frustration.

"I'm not Raven. Look, things will be alright. Just don't be mad at him. But I can go there and break his car if you want", I started smiling.

She knows when to make me happy when I am sad. I'm glad I found a best friend in her.

So I told her about the call and showed her my parents text messages saying they want to have a family get together with their children.

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