32. worst timing

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"Jimin?" Jungkook told to himself as he noticed his heartbeat increasing in speed, hands starting to shake.

What was he doing there?

He was sure Taehyung and him broke things off and yet there he was, working a new pair of skinny jeans and a leather jacket, his hair fluent and blonde, his face radiant.
He looked so much better than the last time he saw him, almost like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

"Taehyunghie hi! Happy B-Day big boy" the oldest among the boys chimed, squeezing Tae a bit as he hugged him. However, his cheerful demeanor quickly changed as his eyes met Jungkook's. An electric static seemed to connect their gazes, filling the air with tension.

"What is he doing here?" Jungkook spoke in a low voice which didn't suit his delicate persona at all, highlighting the fact he was pretty mad.

"Oh, yeah about that. I should have told you sooner. We uhm.. we kinda made a truce. We're on good terms now" the blue-haired boy stated, exchanging a shy smile with Jimin who looked perplexed and also a bit embarrassed.

"And why is that?" Jk was trying to keep calm, but his serious and scolding tone gave away his actual irritation.

Although Taehyung tried to speak, Jimin decided it was his duty to explain and so he did. "I don't think we should talk about this now. After all, it's Taehyung's B-Day... we don't wanna bring up unpleasant memories now, do we?" he said, turning to Jk who nodded for the sake of not ruining such an important day for his "more than friend".

"So? Should we get this party started? I brought cake" Jimin exclaimed then, waving his hands in the air and letting out some excited squeals as he took something out of the giant bag he was carrying with him.

It was a wrapped-up package, probably containing the cake he was talking about. And so, without further do, he headed to the kitchen, leaving the other two boys alone in the living room.

"What's with the whole party thing? I thought you didn't even want to celebrate your b-Day" the younger boy commented, raising a brow. He didn't like the fact Jimin was there and was already worried about what would have happened once his other friends arrived.

"In fact, I didn't.. at first. But then Jimin and I made peace and he suggested we celebrated together. I wanted to talk to you about it but.." Taehyung's words got interrupted by a sigh. "I feared you weren't gonna show up cause you didn't wanna see him" he then added, pouting.

"You're right. I really wish I could get the hell of out here" Jk sarcastically replied, making Taehyung assume a disappointed expression.

"I'm kidding! Geez! Of course, I was gonna come regardless of the fact you invited... him over!" the brown-haired boy spoke, getting closer to Tae who felt relieved.

"We're friends, remember? Actually now that I think about it.. that's not actually the proper way to call us" he added then, making Taehyung's heart skip a beat.

"The cake's readyyy~" just then Jimin arrived, carrying the delicious treat: twenty candles were sinking in the pastel-hued frosting decorating it. He spoke in a cutesy tone that didn't fail to get on Jungkook's nerves.

"Perfect fucking timing Park Jimin.
Perfect fucking timing" the Instagram star told himself as he flashed a fake smile at the blonde head, now singing happy birthday to Taehyung.

After they ate some of the cake, which was delicious by the way, Jimin announced it was time to give the birthday boy his presents. There was no way in hell Jungkook would have given him his gift with Jimin watching... I mean we're talking about underwear!

The blonde head, on the other hand, readily gave his friend his present: a silver bracelet with cute little charms that represented their renewed friendship.

Yuck. That was such a Jimin thing to do.
He seriously had to stop with that whole "soulmate culture" he was pushing on Taehyung. It was so cheesy and unnecessary...
it wasn't like they were a couple after all.

They were just friends, right? It wasn't like there was something else going on behind those smiles and deep stares. It was just the two of them being friendly, right? Right? RIGHT?

"Jungkook-ah, you're acting very weird today" the young artist told a very irate Jungkook, who was scratching the wooden table with his bare nails like an angry feline.

"I.. I just have a very busy week ahead of me... I'm just very stressed" Jk brazenly lied, his eyes still scanning Jimin's every move. From the way he brushed Taehyung's hair to the way he fluttered his eyes as he looked at him. He was known to be touchy and all of that but all those attentions directed to Taehyung were just TOO MUCH for Jungkook to handle, he just couldn't take it anymore.

"Why don't you give Taehyung your present? I'm sure he can't wait to see it. Isn't it right, Taehyunghie?" Jimin spoke in his soft voice, but somehow his words sounded like a threat in Jungkook's mind.

"I'm sorry. I'm not feeling very good right now" that was his response. He was feeling nauseous. Sick to his stomach.

"Is everything alright Jungkookie? Was it the cake?" Taehyung chuckled to lighten the mood, but it was clear something was up with the other boy.

"Uhm I just need to take a breath of fresh air. I won't be long" Jk retorted.

"Alright then. Right that way to the left" as Taehyung told Jk where the balcony was, he left the living room without saying another word, making Jimin widen his dark eyes in surprise.

"Damn. Someone's in a bad mood" he commented, helping Tae wearing the silver bracelet he gifted him; although the blonde-haired boy was trying to cheer him up, Tae couldn't help but think about what was going on inside Jungkook's head. That boy was a true mystery. A few minutes later the doorbell could be heard for the second time that day.

"Another visitor? Is this a joke" Taehyung exclaimed, gaping in disbelief.

"Could be your dad" Jimin said, shrugging.

"I doubt it. He lives too far away from here, plus he would have told me he was coming" the younger boy replied as he opened the front door only to find three boys looking up at him with sparkly eyes and beautiful smiles on their faces. The one in the middle, light brown hair and gentle features complimenting his lightly tanned skin, was the first one to speak.

"Hellooo! We came to crash the party!"

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