Chapter 12

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The wedding preparations carried on for three months and Kat found herself not really realising the weight of what was happening until her mother announced one day that it was time for the dress fitting. Apparently as soon as the engagement had been announced,  Lady Katherine made sure to have her gown made, and it was finally done, a month before the wedding.

They arrived at Madame Couturièr and they were greeted by her once again with open arms. She brought the dress out in a beautiful cream coloured box with her name in swirly letters on it. Kat was taken into the back room with the changing screen once again and changed into an exquisite silver gown made of Silk with beading and pearls everywhere. The sleeves were long for the winter climate and came with a matching silver bonnet, a veil attached. A white cape and hood was worn atop. Kat was immediately blinded busy the intense amount of jewels but she decided not to bother the dressmaker with taking them off as it wasn't like she was really getting married. She was sure to get back to the future before then.

Her mother and Madame Couturiér 'ooohd' and 'aaaahd' as they instructed Kat to turn this way and that to show off the gown.

"Well I do 'ope you like it as much as your engagement party dress!"
Said Madame.
Kat nodded in agreement but grimaced at the jewels once more.

Madame noticed this and cried and exclaimed
"Oh no you do not like it! Please tell me a way I can improve it!"

Kat blushed, she did not wish to offend the dressmaker.
"I do not particularly like the jewels."
She whispered.

The dressmaker sighed in relief.
"I was 'oping you would say zat, I must agree. I shall fix it up for you"

And so the matter was resolved. The only person who was unhappy was Lady Abigail who seemed to be the only one who liked it. She scolded Kat the whole way home on how everyone was going to think she was being cheap and how no daughter of hers was going to be caught in a plain wedding dress. Kat felt like rolling her eyes and telling her that she would rather be seen as plain than over the top but she kept her mouth shut and looked at the busy street, not paying attention to what was being said.
The weeks dragged on and more preparations were finished. The days became awfully boring and quiet as she didn't have people asking her which flowers she preferred and what the main dish was to be. Every morning she woke up, her nerves got worse as she got closer and closer to her wedding. Her attitude had changed completely from "I would be fine and leave to go home before the wedding, it's not like I was really getting married." to "Oh shit I'm really  getting married in one week."

Kat was sitting on the window seat,  a book in her hand. She was trying to read but found herself gazing out the window, her chin resting upon her hand. Her eyes were just starting to slowly close when she was startled by the door behind her closing loudly causing her to jump and drop her her book all over the floor.

Eric, who was the one who startled her, scrambled to pick up her book, offering it to her. Kat took it, a blush on her face. She had to admit that even though she did not want to get married, a part of her didn't mind the the idea of spending the rest of her time with Eric.

"What is your business here today, Lord Eric."
She sat up straight and tried not to sound exhausted.

He laughed.
"Please, don't call me Lord, just Eric. We are to be married after all."

When the last part was mentioned Kat felt her face heat up and she knew she looked like a tomato and she saw Eric smirk which made her blush even more. She stood up with what she hoped was confidence,  and as she stood up Eric did also.

"Well if that is all I shall take my leave."

Eric furrowed his brows.
"Oh wait I forgot, the reason I'm here is to give you this."
He pulled out a velvet box and opened it to reveal a beautiful necklace. It was simple and had what looked like silver vines crawling along the silver chain. A single light blue topaz that looked like a rain droplet.

"It was given to my grandmother by my grandfather to wear knee their wedding day and then my mother wore it on hers. I would like you to as well."
Eric pulled it out of the box and lifted it up, he moved behind Kat and fastened the necklace around her neck, apparently brushing the back of her neck as he did and it sent shivers down her spine. The necklace was heavier than she expected and she admired it for a while before taking it off and placing it safely into the box.

"I shall give it to my mother to keep with the rest of my bridalwear for safe keeping."
Eric needed at her, his smile wide and genuine. Kat returned the smile before leaning forward and standing on top toe to kiss him on the cheek before rushing out with box and book in hand.

This time it was Eric turn to blush.

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