Chapter 14

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Annabeth's POV

The eight of them followed professor McGonagall through the hallways to her office, which she guessed belonged to the old principal...headmaster, professor Dumbledore. It was filled with strange objects, like making their way up there wasn't strange enough with the moving stone staircase and the gargoyle concealing it. 

The office itself seemed to be a circular room with a majority of the wall covered in bookshelves and portraits. When she looked around, she saw several interesting looking silver gadgets and instruments (which reminded her to keep and eye on Leo, just incase he started poking or messing around with some of the stuff). It took her a moment to notice a brown cardboard box sitting on a small table near the front of the room, where they were all standing by the door.

Percy pointed awkwardly at the box, "Is that the package that was sent for us?"

Professor McGonagall nodded with her arms crossed. Even she didn't seem completely sure about it either, "It was left at the entrance of our school, no return address, just you eight's names. The other teachers and I were curious as to why it was not brought in by an owl like almost everything else is, so if you do not mind, I would like to keep an eye on it while you all open in."

Even though they had no idea to what was going to be inside, they agreed, knowing that it would seem too suspicious if they said otherwise. As they stepped forwards, Annabeth saw that there was a more than usual amount of masking tape on it. When she examined it closer, she realized that it was probably covering some type of writing printed or written on it. She knew that it was on there for a reason but she decided to peel a little bit off the side to see what was underneath. She had to be careful as to not have the headmaster notice, but she froze for a moment when she saw the Hermes' Express logo, which she recognized from her time under Rome and several other times when boxes and packages would be mailed to Camp Half-Blood. She quickly pressed the back tape down, where it had been, before professor McGonagall could notice.

After Frank peeled the tape off from the top of the box, they looked inside to find only bubble wrap.

"So... We came all the way up here for this?" Jason asked, a bit puzzled.

"Dude, it's bubble wrap bro! These things are awesome, you've got to tell me you've wasted at least a third of your life popping these things," Leo joked, taking it out. He stopped when they saw what was underneath it.

Eight wands, one for each of them, lined up with a small tag on each one, saying their names. As the demigods stared at them in awe, professor McGonagall clapped her hands, "Well, I guess that's it. I'll have to ask you to go to class now. This should not be an excuse to spend your precious class time away from learning."

Annabeth picked up the box and they headed out. 

As they walked back through the halls, hoping they wouldn't get lost, Percy laughed at how confused Jason had been when he first saw the bubble wrap in the box. Jason punched his arm, "Hey, I was expecting to see golden light start shining and a chores start sing the second it was opened. Bubble wrap wasn't the first thing I was expecting to see, even if it did have our wands underneath it all."

"Yea, but just in case you didn't know, bubble wrap is often used in packaging," Percy punched Jason's arm back.

Jason sighed, "Holy Jupiter, you know what I mean."

By the time they were almost back to the dungeon for potions, students started to fill up the halls, going to their next class. 

"What do we have next?" Hazel asked.

"Transfiguration," Annabeth answered, looking at their new schedule.

They were the last to get in (after getting lost on their way several times) so they sat in the back. After professor McGonagall finished the demonstration of turning a book into a turtle and back again, she walked over to them. "I know this is your first time at Hogwarts and your first time using your wands you just received, so I don't expect you to be able to do this on your first day. After all, the other students started out with turning matches into needles when they were just first years," she said. "However, I still expect you to try and accomplish something. I do not let students off the hook that easily. Let me rephrase, I never let students off the hook." 

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