A Pair of Pants

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Seren couldn't get the images of the blonde writhing against Liam to leave her mind. It was distracting her when she needed to focus and making her relive the horrible emotions over and over again. If she couldn't control the anguish and lament she felt, he might pick up on it and stop her. Now, leaving was once again her top priority.

She peeked around the side of the wall, acting nonchalant, but frowned when she saw Derrick hanging out in the entryway flirting with a group of women. 

That a**hole was probably in on it, too.

She wove back through the crowd, forcing a smile on her face as she nodded and squeezed passed everyone. Picking up her plate, she ambled around the side of the house as though she was looking for someone and, as soon as she was out of sight, tossed the food into the bushes and broke into a light jog down the driveway. 

Seren only wanted to get far enough away that she wouldn't be able to feel his pleasure once he began...She didn't think she could handle that, too. Tears pricked her eyes and started rolling down her cheeks as she ran, looking back once at the pack house and feeling more alone than she ever had before. Though she loved her solitude, this was a different sort of sadness. The connection between Liam and her seemed to stretch the further she got, until she couldn't sense him at all. He wouldn't even notice.

Why had he lied to her? He probably just wanted me because he couldn't help it. But why not have a second...or even third girl on the side to give him what he really wanted all along? F***ing pig! I should have never fallen for it. I'm such an idiot!

She turned off the driveway into the woods, shifting and letting her clothes rip away so her paws met the damp and chilly ground. Finally free, she loped toward McGreggor's land. She needed to come up with a plan and quickly. Seren would grab whatever she could that was at his house, have a bowl of ice cream to cheer herself up and then take the truck....but the truck would be at the pack house. She would have to find some way to tie her bag onto her back and then run, follow the roads somewhere else, far far away from Him. Maybe Oregon? Anywhere that the lying, hateful, evil, life-ruining alpha wouldn't be able to find her. 

She felt a wash of relief that he hadn't Marked her. It did not mix well with the anger bubbling inside of her stomach. After all she had gone through, after all he had made her go through, it had really and truly just been a lie. Perhaps he was like the brown wolf that had attacked her, obsessed with impregnating the females of his pack. For all she knew, that was what packs did! 

She had been such a fool. But so had he! I'm Liam! I'm going to screw all these bitches and prance around with a rag over my stupid little wiener like a king! Ooh! Look at me! I'm the boss and I'm sooo smart. Sooo smart that you will never find out what a horrible person I am even though I did a shit job at hiding it! I'm just a typical alpha with typical nasty habits like f***ing stupid sluts! She barked in anger and pushed herself faster. No one would be out right now- at least she hoped not.

Seren tried to focus on the thrill of running by herself again. She began to calm slightly as the cool wind wove into her fur, coloring it with the sweet scents of decomposing leaves and wet wood. This is where she really belonged, not caged in some alpha's bedroom. She felt exhilarated, loved taking deep gulps of fresh air, purging the Wind Runners and their alpha from her body, trying to wipe the slate clean again. She didn't need them. She never did. 

So why was she aching inside?

Seren? Liam's deep voice sent a wave of shock and coldness straight through her heart, almost making her trip. It reawakened everything she had been forcing down for the past hour and stirred up the image of him pulling that woman's legs around his waist. Where are you?

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