Chapter 4 - Trust

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After Elijah had informed me that Mason was waiting to speak with me downstairs, millions of thoughts were rushing through my head: Would they find out about Dominic hurting me? How could I lie? Would they even care? Would they send me away, disown me? Would they think I was overreacting? Attention-seeking? Broken? Would they be mad at me for lying?

I was urgently yet seriously struggling to come up with a more believable story than 'I fell' if Mason asked about the bruise on my wrist.

I was almost convinced that Blake and Xander had told Mason about last night, surely that was why my eldest brother and guardian wanted to speak to me? I doubted he wanted to ask me how my shopping trip went.

I didn't bother changing out of my pyjamas as I trudged downstairs apprehensively, I had hoped this conversation would be quick as I didn't know how long I could hide this anymore. It was eating me up inside.

When I was nearly at the kitchen I heard the voices of my brothers and suddenly debated whether this was a good idea and whether or not I should just bolt, like usual.

Maybe I could just hide in the library until Mason forgot?

As I got closer, I listened in to their conversation. I know, I know, I didn't have the best track record of eavesdropping but I was just very nosy, especially when the conversation was about me. 

"I was drunk and careless and didn't mean what I said, okay. I'm sorry." I heard Xander apologise.

Apologise. The word sounded foreign when being associated with Xander. I even heard guilt in his voice. Surely this wasn't the same brother who had only ever been bitter and insulting towards me over the past two days. 

"But it doesn't change that this is still no place for a little girl. She shouldn't be here, Mase." I heard Blake's deep voice.

I wish he would stop saying that. I already felt like I didn't belong, he really didn't need to confirm it.

I already got the message loud and clear, I was just an orphan girl. Blood but not family.

"That little girl is the same little girl you used to read to every night 12 years ago, the same baby girl you promised to protect with your life. What changed, Blake?" Harley shot back at his big brother, angrily.

I silently thanked Harley for how quick he was to defend me. He was always so sweet towards me.

But what he said caught my attention. Did Blake really read to me all those years ago? It seemed so unlike the big bad Blake I knew now. I couldn't imagine him ever being soft, especially with me.

God, I hated that I couldn't remember back to when I was a baby. I hated that I didn't know I had brothers. I hated that I had been lied to my whole life.

"Everything! We promised to protect her, we promised to protect Maddie and we failed. We fucking failed, Harley. Abigail took her away and now she's finally home but with an arm full of bruises and no clue who we are! She's been lied to her whole life and now she won't even trust us to ask for some fucking painkillers!" Blake ranted, furiously.

I was shocked. He sounded so emotionally defeated, so unlike Blake.

Blake really cared about that little girl all those years ago, he really used to care about me. But that little girl was long gone. Instead, she was replaced with a broken teenage girl, Xander was right.

"Blake. Calm down." I heard Mason's strong and commanding voice. Mason's voice never failed to send shivers down my spine.

"So yeah, just because I'm not going to read her a fucking bedtime story doesn't mean I'm not trying to protect her like you are!" Blake continued yelling, ignoring Mason's warning and snapping at Harley.

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