"I paid big bucks for the tickets. Ten dollars each." She smiles sweetly at me, knowing this is annoying me.

Groaning in disbelief, I bang my head against the head rest as Caitlyn parks her car beside a small pick-up truck. My birthday is going to be spent at a rundown circus in the middle of Colorado's woods. Perfect.

"I think it'll be fun. Eating cotton candy, walking around, and maybe seeing a few shows?" Caitlyn says as her butt is in the air and digs through the back of her messy car. She comes back up with a purple umbrella in her hand. "Eureka!"

I actually forgot it was raining. Looking out the windows, I notice tiny rain drops hitting the window shield. At least I wore my old tennis shoes since they will probably be covered in mud after today.

"Fine," I sigh. "Thank you for this wonderful birthday present."

Caitlyn winks at me playfully. "Not a problem, sister. Maybe next year we can ghost hunt at an abandoned asylum."

The deadpan look I give Caitlyn makes her laugh loudly.

"I was kidding!" She exclaims. "C'mon, let's hand in our tickets and see what this circus has to show."

We step outside into the cold weather and rain. I tighten my coral pea coat around my body so the cold wind wouldn't chill my bones. Caitlyn walks up beside me with her black coat on and gray gloves on her hands. Since I forgot my gloves at home, I shove my already chilling hands into the coat's pockets.

"How can you forget gloves when we live in Colorado?" Asks Caitlyn.

I roll my eyes at her teasing. "Someone told me I was going bowling so I thought I wouldn't need them because I'd be indoors."

The line for the ticket booth isn't long, but we still have to wait for our turn. It seems as if people were curious about this circus just like Caitlyn was.

Caitlyn pulls two blue tickets from her pocket. "This will be better than bowling and your discounted chili cheese fries." She then hands me a ticket.

It is now our turn to hand in our tickets. The man sitting inside the booth has a thick, red scarf wrapped around his neck and a heavy winter coat on his body. I don't think it's that cold for a winter jacket, and the weather channel didn't say there was going to be snow. Feeling randomly nervous, I hand in my ticket after Caitlyn.

"Enjoy." He grumbles, pointing behind him.

Caitlyn and I walk away from him to the opening of the circus. My friend grabs my elbow and gets close to my body to whisper in my ear.

"Someone must've pissed in his coffee this morning." She tells me quietly, almost as if the man would be able to hear us. The warm breathe warms my pink cheeks.

I laugh at her comment. "Or he found out his cat died." After laughing with my best friend for a few moments, I look around the cheap circus.

The first thing I notice is the booths of games with the prizes being dirty stuffed animals. Some tents have people dressed in costumes standing outside and talking to people that pass by them.

"This does look creepy, Caitlyn." I say to her, looking at the clown that is a few feet away from us.

His face is caked with white foundation and his lips are a deep red. Dark blue circles are around his eyes, and he wears patched trousers and a white tank top despite the cold. He, of course, has a red nose that he squeezes whenever a person passes by him.

I don't meet his eyes when we pass by him. I just grab Caitlyn's elbow out of fear. The relief I feel when we walk inside a warm tent is immediate. My cold fingers tingle as blood begins to flow to them.

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