Chapter 21: Tackling The Tasks

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Peter walked you back to the Tower and after you said goodnight to each other, Happy drove him home. Coming back to the Tower almost felt like what you imagined a walk of shame would feel like.

"Glad to have you back." Happy gave you a nod and a smile when he passed you to get the car for Peter.

After you sent him a smile back, you headed to the elevator to see Tony.

"Hey," You greeted in the doorway of the lab, "I have to help Vision in the kitchen, but I just wanted to say thanks."

"Thanks?" He asked, utterly confused because he thought he was going to be apologizing when you came back.

"You checked up on me and that's pretty solid." You shrugged, not meeting his eyes.

"Well, I'm sorry about the mission, I should've told you."

"I really wanted to go." You admitted sadly.

"Yeah, but I'm glad you didn't," He said, and you raised an eyebrow for him to continue, "It got really bad over there and we almost lost Barton."

"Clint?" You asked, panicking, "Is he okay? Oh my god, what happened!"

"He's fine, he's fine, but there was an explosion where him and Natasha confirmed Zemo had been hiding out."

"Did they...get him?"

"Rogers is bringing him in now." He nodded, crossing his arms.

"Isn't he responsible for...?"

"Breaking up the band?" He asked with a smirk and you nodded, "Yeah, so you can imagine his surprise when he found out it only worked for a bit."

"Bet he was pissed."

"If you were there when the place exploded-" He cut himself off by clearing his throat, "I just don't think I'm ready for you to take on any missions."

"Plus, I already have one."

"Your brother."

"I meant teaching Vision how to cook so he can woo Wanda, but yeah that's next." You laughed lightly.

"Fair enough, get out of here." He shooed you away and before you left, he added, "And no one says 'woo' I think you're hanging out with the ice bros again."

"Guilty!" You yelled back with a laugh as you made your way up to the kitchen.

"Miss Stark, thank you so much for offering your help." Vision greeted you as you came into the kitchen.

"Oh, it's no problem." You shook your head with a smile, "Sorry I wasn't here earlier, and you can just call me Y/n."

"Well, thank you, Miss Y/n." He smiled and you laughed.

"What're we thinking about making for the lovely Wanda?" You asked, smiling even more when you noticed how anxious he was to get everything right for her.

"I tried to make her chicken paprikash a while back, but I'm afraid I failed." He said sadly.

"Easy!" You exclaimed to his surprise.

"You know how to make the Sokovian dish?" He questioned skeptically.

"Yeah, her brother Pietro taught me." You nodded with a smile.

"He hasn't been here for almost a month." He thought out loud.

"Yeah, but I was trying to make friends with his shy sister, and he taught me to make her favorite to help break the ice."

"You're good friends with Miss Maximoff?"

"I'd say so." You nodded and then before he could reply, someone interrupted, coming into the room.

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