Tam headcanons cause i have nowhere else to put them

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- He has... not chubby cheeks but they're definitely there and Keefe pokes them 100%

- He loves neck kisses. And Keefe knows he loves neck kisses. They make him giggle and they make him happy. 

- When he and Keefe had their first kiss Keefe kept looking up at him with /that/ look but he was too nervous so he just kept kissing his nose until Keefe did it himself

- Linh was egging them on the whole time until it happened

- His legs were wobbly but it was worth it

- Tam also really loves cuddles. So does Keefe. Yes they cuddle on the floor with blankets and watch stolen human movies.

- Once the squad(TM) played hide and seek so they took it as an opportunity to get alone time and we're the last ones to be found. They were found snuggling in the attic basically under a load of boxes.

- Their friends call them 'mom' and 'dad' (Tam being the mom and Keefe being the dad). This includes Linh.

- They argue about who birthed Sophie. (YOU'RE THE MOM) (YEAH WELL MPREG)

- Keefe's favorite place to be is with this arms wrapped around Tam, hugging him from behind

That's all I got

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