Family {Kyojuro Rengoku}

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✦  Fluff, Slight manga spoilers, last Christmas oneshot!

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✦  Fluff, Slight manga spoilers, last Christmas oneshot!


"Eat up, eat up!"

"K-Kyojuro-san! Stop putting food on my plate! I'm gonna get so fat I won't be able to fight demons anymore!" you protested, returning the food that the previously mentioned guy placed on your plate.

"The more you eat, the stronger you get. A couple of pounds more won't slow you down!"

You shook your head several times, totally refusing to consume the mountain of food that Kyojuro insisted you to swallow.

"Stop! Senjuro-kun, stop your brother!" You whinned, making puppy eyes to the youngest in the table.

"Nii-san, you're making (Name)-san uncomfortable"

Kyojuro let out a sonorous laugh. He took tempura and put it in his mouth, chewing it loudly to express satisfaction. Senjuro was going to ask his older brother not to do that in front of you, because you would feel even more uncomfortable, but he swallowed his words when he saw you laughing and imitating his big brother. You took some of the sushi that was on your plate and swallowed it like a whale. Senjuro only sweat dropped.

You placed your left hand on one of your cheeks resting your head on it, while wagging from side to side without being able to contain the emotion. The Christmas dinner that Senjuro had prepared was delightful, so much so that you couldn't believe that such a small child had that great culinary talent.

"Ah~ Senjuro-kun is a really good cook, it's been a while since I've tasted something this delicious"

Senjuro warmly smiled. At first he wasn't totally open to the idea of inviting you to have dinner with them when his brother proposed it, but that night was more cheerful and warm with you nearby.

You kept watching Kyojuro be exited about his food, letting out laughs nonstop. He was being silly but it was adorable, you just couldn't resist. You stopped when a thought hit you head.

"Come to think of it, Kyojuro-san, you always talk about your father. Isn't he here now?"

Senjuro's brows knitted together, but Kyojuro remained smiling.

"He's not much for these kinds of festivities. He's probably inside his room drinking and won't come out."

You pouted. Kyojuro talked a lot about his family when you went on missions together or trained, so curiosity had possessed you and you just wanted to meet them. Senjuro was the cutest child you had ever seen, like a miniature Kyojuro! But there was no sign of their father.

"Don't worry, you'll have more time to meet your father-in-law."

"What?" you asked staring off at Kyojuro, who kept putting food on his mouth.

"What?" he questioned back, downing all.

Then silence filled the room. Senjuro shifted his gaze between your confuse look and his brother's grin. He decided to break the silence when he felt it got too heavy.

"What about your family, (Name)- san?"

"Oh, I don't have one. My parents sold me off because we had no money."

Senjuro ducked his head, ashamed of having asked. Kyojuro invited you to spend christmas eve with them because he knew you were alone each year. He didn't want to see you sad so he decided it would be best to invite you to his house.

You really didn't mind talking about your situation. It happened long ago, you didn't feel sad about it at all. Lots of good things had happened in your life, like meeting Kyojuro and the other pillars.

"Lies! You are part of our family too, thus, you do have a family"

Your eyes sparkled at the flame pillar's statement. You turned to Senjuro with a smile from ear to ear.

"Then, Senjuro-kun, call me 'onee-chan'!" you ask, excitedly.

"Ah?" his face flushed. "I can't do that, (Name)-san! It's embarrasing"

"But we are family!"

Senjuro shook his head in an exaggerated gesture. Heat rising up his face.

"Th-Then you should do the same with nii-san" when he finished saying those words, you almost choked with what you were chewing.

"T-That's different..." you stuttered while Kyojuro patted your back.

No way in hell you would call him onii-chan.

After dinner, it took only a glance at the windown to know that you couldn't return home. It was too dark and cold, and sadly, you didn't bring your nichirin sword with you in case a demon appeared. Senjuro prepared you a futon while you took a shower and got changed in a yukata that he lent you.

"(Name)" a knock on the bathroom door startled you. Somehow, even if the door and walls covered you from his eyes, your heart raced fast. "Do you want some hot chocolate? Senjuro's making some"

It was like being in Mitsuri's dream. Everyone gave you food non-stop.


But you couldn't say no to hot chocolate in winter.

You stared at the chimney's bright orange and red fire, blowing the hot chocolate so you could drink it. You were sitting on the floor cross-legged, enjoying like a little girl the caresses Kyojuro was giving you while styling your hair. He was combing it delicately with his fingertips, sitting on a sofa to get a better view of you.

"Thank you" you said, refering to his invitation "I always spend this time of the year alone"

"I know. It shouldn't be like that. You have a family here, after all"

A slight blush decorated your cheeks. You were happy that he cared that much about you, it was nice having someone who thinks that you are important in some way, to the extent of calling you family.

You turned your face towards him, only to be met with how he slammed his lips against yours. The kiss was slow and soft, his smell and warmth floating your senses. His hand rested below your ear, his thumb caressing your rosy cheek as your breaths mingled. When you finally pulled away, he rested his forehead against yours. Both of your panting, joy filling the air around you, you couldn't imagine yourself anywhere else.


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