Secrets of a Superstar

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Chapter 1

I watched in awe as he sang on stage, capturing the audiences attention with every breath in his perfect body. His short black hair made me want to run my fingers through the silkiness, his stunning blue eyes looked like sapphires, there were no words to describe his incredible body, his facial features were amazing and I especially liked his high, supple cheekbones and his roman nose. But, the thing that attracted me most to him was that he pulled off the bad boy look amazingly.

Since I was eight I was hopelessly in love with Quinn Night. Eight years later and my love for him was impossible to ignore, or grow out of even. I mean who wouldn‘t love him? 

He looked like he was no older than twenty one, he was voted the most sexiest man on the planet, his album had been number one for twelve weeks running in every country, his new song ‘Watching You’ had also been number one for twelve weeks, he was an amazing actor and I’d seen all of his movies, he also did a little modelling, had his own fragrance range for men and for women, had his own underwear line, and did I mention that he was a vampire? 

“Oh. My. God.” My best friend Carmel cried as Quinn neared us. Carmel had shoulder length black hair, beautiful tanned skin, jewel-like blue eyes, high cheekbones, her black eyebrows arched perfectly, and her plump lips had a rose pink lip-gloss on. Enviously stunning was the words I‘d use. “He’s soooo sexy!” 

“Tell me about it,” I breathed in awe. One day I’d be up there singing my songs - maybe even with him! Shut up Tatiana, there’s no way you’re ever going to sing with Quinn Night, I scolded myself. I often had this fantasy where I’d be singing with him and he’d look at me with a look that was only for me. 

This was the first time I’d ever seen this amazing creature in real life. This vampire could most certainly bite me, I wouldn’t mind. 

Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, and even a few witches, mingled with humans. Like Quinn, some were even celebrities, I even lived next door to a family of werewolf‘s and were good friends with their daughter. Our world leaders had come to an agreement with vampire, werewolf, and shape shifter leaders that humans and non-humans could mix together so long as no harm came to humans. So in other words that meant vampires had to have permission from human blood donors to drink their blood and they had to have permission to turn a human, and werewolves went in the forests for the night and returned in the day.

Apart from turning into a hairy wolf and drinking blood for a living (or dead), they were perfectly normal people. 

I shut my eyes and listened to Quinn’s magical voice as his upbeat song ended and my favourite love song started named ‘Meant To Be’. His alluring voice sent shivers up and down my spine, all the way into my very soul. 

“You and me are meant to be together. You and me are gonna be forever. When I look into your eyes, I see an angel in disguise. Baby, baby, don’t you see? That you and me are meant to be.”

His hand reached out to the crowd and loads of girls squealed with delight and pushed and shoved to touch this magnificent creature. My own hand reached up to touch his, as did Carmel’s. 

For just a second, his silky fingers ran across my hand and I felt a flash of desire burn white hot up my veins, travelling to my very soul. 

A sudden vision of his lips against my neck, followed by the stinging sensation as his fangs pierced my skin, exploded in my mind. By the look in Quinn’s eyes, I wasn’t the only one who imagined it. (Okay, so I day dreamed about that happening a lot, but this was real. So real I could almost feel his warm mouth on my bare flesh). 

For a second, all he did was stare in wonder at me as he waited for the next part of his song to start. Then, reluctantly, he let go and moved on. 

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