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A update

Nicki and meek got married

Nicki little brother jay is now fourteen , her sister navida is four , nalani is two , Rhys is about to be one in 2 months

if you guys want flashbacks of it let me know , Nicki and meek are on good terms his family is slowly opening up more to Nicki

She's gotten better running her own business
Meek on the other hand opened up a big center for kids to play indoors

The building have a big basketball court , girl and boys separated bathroom with stalls

A actor room ( kids auditions )

A huge theater for performance day which he haven't yet decided when it should start

Dance room
Pool room
A gym
Volleyball room

Many more activities he haven't opened it up yet , he's still getting in workers and also trying to make sure everything is set up the way he want it's

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