Chapter 4 : Not Enough 'Thanks'

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Why does it seemed like this whole mountain was a circle?

That question once crossed your mind as soon as you two have finally reach back the entrance of Mountain Fujikasane—after the days of being chased down by demons from seemingly every corners of the forest had stopped.

As the both of you were walking without any specific direction a few moments ago, the scent of blooming wisterias quickly enveloped the whole surroundings, settling the previous eerie atmosphere by replacing it with faint hues of purple color.

It felt.. Relieving. Although you were determined to stay alive from the very beginning, it never crossed your mind that you'd actually survive—Especially not with possibly the weakest breathing form anyone could've possibly used.

Breath of Nature.. Nature Breathing.. Whatever the history books want you to call it, it was your pride and joy, and was the breathing technique that a certain someone find it to be quite fascinating, or at least that's what you're getting from his words.

Glancing at the male beside you, Tanjirou is now enjoying himself a little. He may have actually wanted to smell the scent of wisterias again after a week only being able to smell horrific things back there while fighting for dear life. With your slight stoic-looking face, it really made it look like you were not fazed by any of this. However, it was in fact, not true at all. You were glad that you both were able to make it until the end. It was a good learning experience, but the road ahead would still pave a long way of new journeys that awaits until your last breath.

Even with his severely injured body, Tanjirou is overall quite happy with the view he get to see again. It felt like a small extra reward for his efforts all this time, and the smile that was brought onto his face complemented pretty well with the rising sun all the way in the distant horizon.

Turns out, you and the burgundy-haired male were the last ones to arrive back at the entrance, as the other three participants were already standing just a few distance away from each other.

'Seriously? Out of at least twenty people who participated, there's only five of us left?'

Realizing this, you frowned slightly as you couldn't exactly imagine what happened to the rest of the fellow demon slayers. You don't even think that you see the person who turned his back against you while trying to fight that morphed demon a while ago.

'Should I feel upset about it.. Or..?'

"I'm very glad we managed to come up until this point, (L/N)-san."

You suddenly heard Tanjirou called out, ruining your train of thoughts.

"Oh-? Uh, yeah.. I'm.. Glad." You replied softly, reminiscing the wisterias around you once more to be able to keep it in your memory. It was a scenery that you're very fond of, and wouldn't want to miss the chance to cherish it dearly.

Just as you were about to say something, the twins who gave several informations from before all of this started appeared out of nowhere. They both somehow managed to keep their straight faces, and you also didn't miss the exact same paper lanterns in each of their hands. It made you wonder for a split second whether they ever express their emotions to others or not.

"We want to congratulate for those of you who passed the Final Selection." The twins finally announced before bowing respectfully and continuing on.

For the next hour or two, they both pretty much explained what other things that are necessary for all new demon slayers to use or wear on the battlefield from now on; such as specific uniforms, newly-forged Nichirin swords, and so on.

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