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"Why is it necessary to have a proper closure when ending a relationship?"

"So you can heal emotionally and move forward with your life in a healthy manner."-Brian

"To avoid an awkward scenario if you happen to meet each other again." -Arlyn R.

"To avoid asking what if's and why it ended up like that"-Yeng A.

"To close the case"-Vergilio I.

"It depends on the person. Why do I need proper closure if I already knew that the person doesn't want me anymore? I'll walk away and be happy with my own life. " -Joyce T.

"As respect to someone you will leave behind? But no one can give you the closure you want aside from yourself. If you knew that it was over and his love for you was gone, wouldn't that be enough to consider as closure? " -Joan A.

"Closure is not important, it cannot answer your questions nor fix what is broken. For me, closure is for those who still hope. " -Glenda M.

"To find out what both of you lacked, why it didn't work, to forgive each other and to be able to move forward in a healthy way"-Marvin M.

"To lessen the burden in your heart and mind, to avoid questioning yourself why it happened, to not feel any regrets that there's still a chance between the two of you"-Chrisse Anne P.

"To inform each other that they have reached the end is hard because you cannot think easily and properly. You will always wonder and ask yourself where things went wrong." -Lorna T.

"When you decide to connect with the other person, you are now responsible for giving him a proper reason why you had to leave him. Because you build trust, loyalty, memories, and relationships together. It may not be you or him who makes the first move, but both of you agree on certain feelings. Even if the reason for the breakup is unacceptable or unreasonable, have the courage to stand firm and bring the relationship to a proper close.And so, the person who was left behind will accept that it has to end"-Mimsy S.

A Woman's Point of View

I mentally rolled my eyes when I saw his post on social media. So, this is his fifth girl after we ended, huh?

The funny thing is, we broke up exactly one year ago. Typical playboy, right? This guy threw our three-year relationship and replaced it in a blink of an eye. I remember the night when I decided to end everything. It was painful. I cried a lot, but I stopped myself from going back and taking back the decisions I made because I knew it was the right thing to do.

We kept hurting each other's feelings over and over, and I couldn't handle it; the emotional pain he made me experience, the sleepless nights, questioning my worth, and the feeling that I should always live up to his expectations and change myself to please him. Remembering those times made my blood boil. I shook my head and continued scrolling, but I stopped halfway when I saw another post from him. "How could he move on that fast?" I asked myself as the tears fell from my eyes.

He was the love of my life. I did everything to keep what we had, but things stopped working between us. It was toxic that I couldn't breathe anymore. He cheated many times. He's become friendly with other girls, yet he doesn't want me to befriend other guys. He stopped understanding me. No, he never understands me. This guy made me beg for his attention, and I pitied myself for going so low just to be loved.

Our first two years were happy and fun, but when he graduated from college, everything changed. He's busy with things, with colleagues, to the point that we barely see each other in a month. One time, I decided to wait for him outside their office. I was planning to surprise him, but I was the one who got surprised and shattered. He's with a girl, his workmate, I presume. They seem pretty close while talking to each other, so he didn't even notice that I was calling his phone.

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