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Okay so. I have this friend, she knows who she is, who told me about how inconsiderate and how much of a bad friend i was. Now, I had just visited her for her birthday and I felt that it went over pretty well. Turns out, she thought otherwise.I don't even know why either...
So, I asked her about it. Now, I'm not gonna go into detail, but yeah. When I tried to DM her some other time, her mum messaged me. She said that she could no longer speak to me coz I told her I didn't want to be her friend. Well, excuse me but in my defense, if YOU were called an inconsiderate bit** who hates everyone and doesn't have many friends because she SOOOOO horrible, you probably won't wanna be friends then either. To be fair, she wasn't all sugar and Gucci lips either. Sorry, not sorry.

So. If you are reading this Ms. Bell, please DM me why you don't like me. Thank your face.

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