She was running. And she couldn't stop.

        They don't deserve an explanation. They don't deserve a goodbye. They don't deserve me.

        Her chest burned as her legs pumped, tripping occasionally over her long skirt. Stopping in annoyance, she tore the skirt off, leaving herself in just her undergarments, and kept running.

        The Forbidden Forest was just ahead. Once she was in there, she was free. No one would follow her. No one would care. No one would do anything to continure their search...if they had even begun one. 

        Just a little longer...just a little longer...

        But she couldn't do it. The Forbidden Forest was at her fingertips, but she couldn't muster up the strength to continue. Falling in the leaves at her feet, she let out a sob of frustration and anger.

        Of course I can't make it. Of course I'm not strong enough. Anyone else would be. But I'm not. No one understands how terrible this is...this hatred of myself, of everyone around me...I can't control it. I can't help it. I don't deserve this.

        She got up and braced herself for the pain in her legs to continue.

        But it didn't.

        There was something else inside of her...something powerful, something Dark. Something she couldn't quite explain...but it was giving her the energy and the strength to continue on her escape.

        And that was all she really wanted.

        When the leaves of the Forbidden Forest touched her skin, she knew she had made the right choice. Leaving that castle, leaving everyone had been for her own good. And now she was ready. Ready to destroy all aspects of her former life...including the people in it.

        Turning around, she stared up at the towering trees in front of her. No one else would dare to enter these woods unless they were banished...but just to make sure...

        She held up her arms and let the power, the unexplainable energy, surge through her until it engulfed her very being. Bolts of energy flew out of her fingertips as she watched the wall go up, the black wall that would keep everyone out. No one could pass, no one could get to one was powerful enough.

        When the wall was finished, it turned the color of the trees and blended in with its surroundings, leaving her proud of her achievements. Turning around, she continued running, continued her journey into the unknown.

        In that moment, Dawn was free.


        "We have to go after her."

        "Are you insane? Look what she did to her room! She could easily do that to our heads!" James took Adriana's hand in his, "Please don't go after her. Let your father's army do it, let the guards do it, let anyone else do it...except you."

        Adriana stood her ground.

        "No." she replied harshly, startling James. "I am going to look for my sister. I am going to get her back and I am going to do it my way."

        "Well, you're not going alone." King David said, standing from his throne and walking over to the two teenagers, "I won't allow it."

        "Good." James breathed a sigh of relief. "You'll send an army with her?"

        David laughed heartily.

        "Do you think that I just sent my army out to do my bidding at the drop of a hat, boy? No. You will accompany my daughter on her mission. I feel that the less people who ambush Dawn at this point, the better."

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