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I looked back to see Irene and Yeri running. I laughed seeing them in their togas while running as I waved back at them. Both are holding a bouquet of flowers, probably from their parents.

I frowned as I realized that I have no one that came to my graduation.

"Eyy. What's with the frown on your face?" Irene nudged me.

"Yeah? It's our graduation day, for pete's sake! Why you gotta be so sad?" Yeri teased while poking my side.

I laughed at them. "It's nothing! Why are you two here anyways? Go back to your family! I'm sure they're waiting for you guys." I tried to push them away.

Yeri pouted. "Don't you want to see us?"

"Yeah, why push us away?" Irene glared at me.

I shook my head. These two are such hardheaded girls. But I love them so much, they are my constants since day one.

"Fine, fine." I laughed. "So, what brings you here?"

Irene practically shoved the bouquet of flowers in my face.


I heard their laughter.

"A bouquet for our best friend?" Yeri said. "Congratulations to the three of us! Let's take a picture!"

Yeri called for his brother and he was the one who took our picture. I thanked them as Yeri waved, going to his family with his brother. I smiled as I saw her smiling and laughing.

"There you go again with that face."

I closed my eyes as I heard Irene's voice. Gosh. I thought she already left and went to her family. Seems like she's still here to pester me.

"What now?" I sighed.

"Want to go with us? With my family? You know you're always welcome to go with us, right? You're basically family too. Like my sister from another mother." Irene smiled at me, clinging onto my arms.

"Thanks, Irene. I know. But it's your bonding with your family today. Don't worry, I'm fine. Besides, I have plans today." I assured her.


"Yup. I must go to Miracle Entertainment. I promised them that I would start my intern days with them after graduation. Literally."

Irene gasped. "Miracle Entertainment?"

I nodded.

"Girl! Congratulations! That's like one of the biggest companies out there! I'm so proud of you! Do your best, okay? Gotta secure that permanent job!" Irene winked at me.

"Yes, yes. Now go back to your family now. I'm sure they're already waiting for you." I pushed her by her back as she stuck her tongue at me.

"Thank you for the flowers!" I held up the bouquet as she smirked.

"You're welcome. Bye!" She waved once again before leaving.

I sighed as I arrived at my apartment. I quickly changed into business attire and took my shoulder bag as I went out my apartment again. I should be celebrating right now, but I have no one to celebrate with so what can I do? I sighed before closing the door.

Although I had someone that would celebrate with me. Had. It's already the past, now, I don't.

As I opened the door, I gasped seeing candles and rose petals laying on the floor. I looked around to see what was hanged on the wall. 'Congratulations, dean's lister, Kim Jisoo!' I smiled as I walked to the living room as I saw him, standing in the middle with a bouquet of roses in his arms.

"Congratulations, Jisoo." He smiled. His eyes telling me of how proud he is of my achievement. "I am so proud of you. I know that in the future, you will succeed, and you will be a director soon enough."

I felt so happy as I hugged him. "Thank you... Thank you for being there for me always. You know that you are the reason why I am still here going strong, right?"

He nodded. "I will always be beside you, no matter what."

He caressed my face. "Don't cry, today is a happy day, right?"

"You know you did not need to do this, right? It's nothing big." I laughed.

He tightened his grasp on my waist. "All your achievements are something special for me. I am always proud of you and will always support you."

Gosh. Why am I even thinking of him? Snap out of it, Kim Jisoo! You must go to work. I shook my head before heading out of the building.

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