Chapter 2

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I gazed around. It was huge. Peaceful. I didn't see anything that spoke "curse" to me. I saw vines that formed a ladder. "There Link!" I cried. Link just waved a hand at me. I could tell he was too interested in inspecting the inside. "Link! There's vines that form a ladder. Maybe we should inspect it. Try climbing up it!" I urged. "Urm, okay Navi, but are you

sure?" Link asked weakly. I rolled my eyes. "Come." I instructed. Link sighed in defeat and walked foward.

Nothing happened untill we were ten yards from the vine ladder. "Dekushrub!" I grumbled. Out of nowhere, Link pulled out the Forest Sword. "Target them!" I cried. I don't like saying this, but any creture scares me. I'm too small and hopeless. The Dekushrub snapped it's teeth and Link. I saw Link sheilding himself very finely with his hand crafted Deku Sheild.

"Link target it, and slice it off gaurd!" I called. "I know! Be quite!" Link spat at me. His words echoed in my head. I was his fairy. I was supposed to be his help. Not annoying. My shoulders drooped slightly. I mean, for being such a young lad, Link had an attitude.

Link killed the Dekushrub easily along with two others. Finally we reached the vine ladder. Link climbed up slowly. Suprisingly, the vines stayed still, and gave great support. Link reached the top panting heavily. "If your tired already, were going to have problum." I moaned. "Sorry, but this is my first time doing this!" Link snapped. Remeber Navi. Helpful, not annoying. I told myself. "Your right Link, and I'm sorry." I said calmly. "No, you don- wait what?" Link cried. "I'm sorry." I repeated. "Oh, right." Link said quietly.

There was an akward pause. 'Let's go." I finally said. Link nodded and followed. Link walked around and around. "Where am I supposed to go?" Link cried in frustration. "Just calm yourself." I said calmly. "No! We have nowhere to go! I'm going back, and you, you just rot in here. You just slowly die. Painfully, and slow. Just like the Deku Tree." Link screamed. I didn't feel hurt or upset at these words. Instead, anger slowly bubbled up inside me. "The only reason your leaving is because your too scared!" I smirked. "I am not!" Link protested. "Then do the task." I urged. Link paused, clearly thinking. "Fine, but keep your mouth shut!" Link ordered. I raised my eyebrows, but I'm too small for Link to tell. "Challenge accepted." I grinned, and with that, Link marched off.


Link had traveled for about two hours, and all he managed to do was go in a circle about twenty-thousand times. "This doesn't make any sense." Link muttered every now and then. Link passed the entrance for the millionths time.."Your passing it!" I whispered to myself. Link went around another ful circle, and I was ready to go crazy. I had to tell him.

"Link, you've been pass-" I began, but was rudley interupted by none other than Link, the boy who's soon not gonna have a fairy if he keeps this act up.

"Shut up Navi, I don't care! I don't need your help no matter what the problum is!" Link snapped. "Oh my." I mumbled to myself. "Okay Mr. Smarty Pants. Go ahead." I moaned.

Of coarse, Link did another compleate circle. By now, a scowl was glued on his face. "Ugh! I hate this stupid quest or mission or what-not!" Link groaned. Suddenly, a Giant Skulltulua came spinning down, grinning evily at Link.

I was about to warn him when I remebered Link say that he doesn't need me no matter how bad the problum. Slowly, I watched as the Giant Skulltulua wrapped around Link, suffecating him in it's web. "Navi! Help! I need you!" Link cried, squirming around trying to break free of the Giant Skulltulua's grasp.

My help. I was going to help him when I looked at the Giant Skulltulua. It sure is giant. I can't kill that. "Navi! Please! Hurry!" Link gasped, still struggling. I was frozen in mid-air. What hould I do? All fairyies are secretly afraid of all creatures! Even Gorons, probably the friendliest of them all. What should I do? That question kept rolling through my mind.

What should I do?

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