Unexpected Conversations

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A/N: Just from glancing at the comments, I'm incredibly surprised about how much you all collectively want more of Summer XD. I didn't think she'd be so popular, but like majority of the groups involve Summer. Keep up that sweet sweet teamwork boys.


"Weiss, we are not using doilies! That's such a stupid thing to put at a DANCE PARTY!" Yang exclaimed in front of Weiss.

"Well if you're not going to allow me doilies than I am not allowing your idiotic smoke machines." Weiss huffed back. "Why would we need smoke machines at a formal dance?"

"It's not THAT formal Weiss cream." Yang chided. "Its a bunch of hot and sweaty huntsman and huntresses in training getting their groove on for one night of the year! It's an escape from all that crap school work we had to make up anyways!"

"Yang. You didn't even do the homework, you just copied mine." Weiss raised an eyebrow as Yang laughed.

"I still wrote the answers down. That takes effort Weiss!"

"You are insufferable." Weiss rolled her eyes as Yang was going to protest, but was cut off by none other than Sun Wukong.

"Yo! Hey guys!" Sun ran up to them and smiled. "Heard you guys were the ones setting up the party. It's looking pretty good so far."

"Why thank you Sun." Yang said with a grin. "Say Sun, would you rather have doilies or smoke machines at a party?"

"The hell is a doily?" Sun looked confused as Yang smiled in victory. This time Weiss was about to say something before another voice cut her off, Neptune Vasilias.

"You guys are having smoke machines at your party? That's pretty sweet." Neptune said as Weiss immediately frowned and gave him a look that could freeze him in seconds. "Sup Yang. Sup Ice Queen."

"Neptune..." Yang growled as she looked at him. Sun took a step back and watched as he took a deep breath. Yang's eyes flashed red as she stepped up to him. "I suggest you leave right now before I punch a hole in your chest."

"Woah woah woah! What did I do to get this reaction?" Neptune said confused.

"You rejected Weiss. Not only did you reject her, but you did it in the most dickish way ever." Sun said stepping up between him and Yang. "Look you're my bro man, but maybe this wasn't a good idea for you to act like nothing happened."

"I was just being honest." Neptune said plainly as Sun shook his head.

"Dude, even if that was honest why the fuck would you say it?" Sun rubbed his forehead before looking up at him again. "Apologize. Now. That's an order as your leader."

"Ugh fine..." Neptune shrugged before pushing Sun aside and looking at Weiss. Yang was still slightly in front of her with her fists clenched as the boy spoke. "Hey, uh, Weiss. Sorry about what I said before. It was totally uncalled for and out of line of me. I was being a total dick and I didn't think about what I was saying. I was wrong, so I'm sorry. I actually came here to see if you wanted to go to the dance with me as a show of apology?"

Weiss looked him over and sighed before frowning.

"I don't care at this point. Someone like you is so far beneath me I couldn't care less about your meaningless words." Weiss said coldly as Neptune just shrank back from her icy glare. "As for your invitation to a horrendous night, I must decline. I already have a far superior suitor for tomorrow evening."

"Wait what?" Neptune looked confused. "Who would take you?"

Weiss was going to retort and Yang was going to crush the weakling in front of her before a sparking hand appeared on the blue haired boy. The temperature increased in the room as Neptune looked back to see Y/N staring right back at him with a sadistic grin.

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