Chapter 20: Make This Right

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"Shitshitshitshit." You muttered and Peter shot out of the bed, "Run!" You told him and he shook his head.

"I can't leave you here!" He protested, darting his eyes between you and the elevator who had its numbers climbing, meaning Tony was going to be here any moment.

"Go! I'll handle him." You insisted, standing up slowly, "He can't get mad at me, I almost died, right?"


"Go home or I'll tell aunt May!" You threatened, panic rising in you, "I'll call you later, just go!"

"Okay, okay!" He agreed, kissing your cheek and going to the edge of the terrace where Tony lands, turning back as the doors dinged open, "Holy shit! He suited up!"

"So did I!" You yelled, "Go!" You whipped out your glove and you could feel the anger radiating off the ironman suit as Peter swung away, cautiously, since he didn't have his suit on, just his webs.

"Y/n." He warned, wanting to pass you as you stood between him and the exit where Peter disappeared.

"It's not that big of a deal." You offered, but it came out more of a question.

"Not a big deal." He shot back sarcastically, coming out of his suit as you lowered your hand, "You were gonna shoot me."

"You suited up!" You defended.

"Parker was kissing you!" He yelled back.

"We're dating!" You shouted back and his eyes widened.

"And you know he's Spiderman?!"


"I give that kid two rules and he breaks them both!" He yelled, not to you, more just to the world.

"Screw you for making rules!" You shouted back.

"I can't protect you out there if you're swinging around with him!"

"What makes you think I need protection?!"

"You're my daughter! I'm always gonna want to protect you and you'll just have to deal with it!!" He yelled, gesturing with his hand out the window.

"I've been kidnapped, shot, and watched too people take their own lives today, can this wait until tomorrow?!"

"Yes! Can I get you anything?!"

"Stop yelling!"

"You first!!" He yelled and then started to laugh; you followed him soon after.

"I want to go to school tomorrow."

"No, out of the question."

"Bullshit. I'm going."

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" He smirked, "Fine, you can go but you take your watch and ring. Just in case."

"Sweet!" You cheered, gathering your stuff, "I gotta get my stuff ready."

"Never thought I'd hear you be excited for school." He teased.

"Well, when I spend two days in a cabin with horrible internet and a freezing cold lake, I need people."

"Fair enough." He nodded, "But the Parker crap is going to be discussed after."

~Small Time Skip~

So, maybe showering with a bullet wound isn't the easiest thing in the world, but neither is telling your boyfriend that nothing really got resolved with Tony.

The next day at school was interesting to say the least. Everything was out in the open. You're officially a Stark, you were kidnapped, and Spiderman tore apart every borough of New York looking for you. And now that Peter caught you at the entrance and is holding your hand, they're going to know you're dating.

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