Chapter Nineteen|Storytime

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"You must tell me all the details!" Alicia yelped feeling annoyed as she chased Leah down the staircases.

The intelligent girl wasn't feeding enough details about her date from the previous day, and her friend was just so hungry for it.

"Why are you so desperate for the details, Alicia? Haven't you got anything to perhaps work for? Don't you have quidditch practice later today? Perhaps you should go train and prepare."

They soon arrived in the great hall. Alicia sat down across from Leah, awaiting answers.

"Because I'm one of your best friends and I just have to know!" Alicia whined like a child as Leah simply opened her book and began annotating.

Leah didn't want to say anything, but Alicia's gaze burned into her skull too much.

"Alright here goes a brief summary; we walked across the bridge and held hands, ate at The Three Broomsticks, went to a few stores, danced in the forest and nearly
kissed. After all of that, we walked back to the castle hand in hand, and then parted at the staircases to the dormitories." Leah said all of the information as if it were no big deal, but Alicia thought otherwise.

"YOU ALMOST KISSED HIM?!" Alicia yelled loudly and slammed the table, grabbing the attention of a few nearby people.

"Hush!" Leah silenced her. The next moment, Fred and George came walking by passing them to sit with the quidditch team.

"You almost kissed who?" Fred asked a little too smugly.

"Some silly red-headed bloke yesterday at Hogsmeade. Wouldn't even know who." Leah replied in the same sense. Alicia's face was now pale as she watched the playful exchange.

She then gasped as Fred patted Leah's back and smiled. "See you later." He said quickly.

"Bye." She replied quietly.

Alicia was very close to fainting as she had just witnessed the strange and somehow comfortable looking exchange between the two.

"You act like nothing is a big deal, Leah. This is a big deal." Alicia said almost like a small child.

"Correction, this is a big deal to you. Fred and I are just close that's all. Sure we're a bit more than friends at this point, but whatever is meant to happen will happen." Leah said in an incredibly philosophical manner.

Alicia frowned and then sighed in defeat. "I would ask when did you become so wise and intelligent, but you've always been this way."

Leah winked at her friend and proceeded to grab a muffin before leaving the great hall with class.

Severus did not like this. The potions professor did not like this one bit. A girl he considered to be his daughter had gone on a date.

And to make matters worse, he saw them holding hands in the village.

The previous day, when he had seen them, he felt a slightly painful twang in his heart. He did not expect the girl he had been mentoring for so long to be growing up so quickly.

He found himself feeling like a concerned father.

Lost in his thoughts, Severus jolted to reality when the door to his private study opened. Leah waltzed right in and set her notebook down.

"Hello, Severus. How's your weekend been?" the girl asked nonchalantly. Severus slightly huffed in annoyance, but couldn't be upset with her.

That was only because he could tell she was finally happy.

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