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Tyrael's P.O.V.

I toss and turn in my bed, writhing in the sheets. Another nightmare has invaded my sleep. This time it was just darkness and flashes of extreme pain. It's hard, having all these memories with no off switch. It is like my life is a movie playing in my brain on a constant loop. I hate it.

Night is the worst time for me, the time when I have to stop and rest. I hate it. The memories come to play when night arrives. I run from them during the sunlight hours but I cannot escape the anger of betrayal, pain of my loss and lust for revenge. What happened? Well it started a little over 1000 years ago (that's 5 earth years).

~[ flashback ]~

I am really tired of these quests now. The gods treat me like their personal lap dog. I'm just glad I always have Annabeth to come back to. I walk past the cabins and knock on the Athena cabins door. Malcolm answers. "Oh ummm hey Percy." he looks nervous as he greets me. "What's up?" I ask him. "Beach," he squeaks and runs in and locks the door. I start to wander to the beach and I swear I heard Malcolm mutter 'Don't shoot the messenger' while I walk away.

I chuckle to myself as I wander down to meet Annabeth. When I get closer I hear Annabeth laughing and walk faster, anxious to see her. She is sitting on the beach wrapped in a passionate embrace with none other than Nico. I think if it was anybody else it would have hurt a tiny bit less but it was not. The edges of my vision blur as I try to process what my eyes are showing me.

That lying son of Hades. I treated him like my little brother. I summon a huge wave from the lake and drench themin the icy water. Turning I run back to my cabin when I hear Annabeth. "Percy wait! It's not what you think," she shouts as I sprint off. It's too late now. I throw Riptide on my bunk in cabin 3 and run away from the calls of the campers. "Goodbye Thalia." I whisper stopping at the top of half-blood hill to touch her tree, not that she is there but a small part of her spirit remains within and I don't plan on ever seeing my cousin again. Turning away from my home I run from my sorrows and into the darkness of the forest.

~[ End Of Flashback ]~

My mind hazes as sleep drags me to its realm, the darkness blinding my eyesight.



Ok so this is my first attempt at writing a book so no hate please. What do you think of chapter 1??

Rewritten – okay demigodlings the rewrite has begun

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