vacation//g.d - pt 3

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"Why're you doing that?" Y/N mumbled as she rolled over in bed. Grayson smiled as he stretched.

"Don't want them rolling off," He said, adjusting the ring of pillows hed surrounded his girls with. "Get up," He said, poking y/n's arm, reaching over Ella and Emily. Y/N sighed and sat up.

"I'm tired, Gray," She said, holding her stomach. Grayson smiled at her, pushing the hair out of her eyes. Y/N rubbed her eyes and sighed, standing up. "Feel nauseous," She mumbled, walking to the bathroom.

Grayson got out of bed after her and followed her in. "You want me to go get you breakfast?" He asked as she reached for her toothbrush. She looked at him. "So you don't have to walk too much," He said, reaching for his own. She rolled her eyes at him through the mirror.

"This is why I don't tell you," She said, spitting out her toothpaste. Grayson rolled his eyes, wrapping his free arm around her.

They finished up in the bathroom and y/n brushed out her hair before they left the room, the girls still fast asleep, curled up together. "Y/N, look," Grayson said, holding up Emily's bathing suit. Y/N turned and smiled at him. "When'd she leave this out?" He asked. Y/N smiled and shrugged.

"She's too cute," Y/N said with a smile, fixing the straps of Emily's tank top. "Coffee?" She asked. Grayson nodded.

They walked out of the room together and into the kitchen. Grayson sat on the couch as y/n started the coffee machine. "You have a headache?" Grayson asked. Y/N raised her eyebrows.


"Just cause with Ella and Em you had a headache," He said. Y/N rolled her eyes. "I'm just saying," He defended. Y/N smiled and shook her head.

"No, I don't have a headache this ti-" But he cut her off.

"So how long have you known?" He asked, moving further up the couch as she pulled one mug out from under the machine and stuck the other in. She sighed and leaned on the counter. "Did you know before we left?" She nodded.

"I knew, oh, I knew when you were looking for Elle's passport," She started. "You lost it and then we started freaking out and I threw up?" She asked. He thought for a second, eyes widening.

"Fuck, that was so long ago," He remembered. Y/N shrugged. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked, pouting.

"Because I wanted to make sure, didn't wanna give you false hope," She said with a smile as she brought over both their coffees. Grayson took his from her. "And it's only been 3 weeks," She said with a smile. Grayson sighed and the both of them sipped on their coffees in silence for a moment.

"Can we have our date now?" He asked. Y/N raised her eyebrows. Grayson stood up, handing her his coffee.

And in no time a little date was set up, the kitchen table pulled apart to seat two people, both coffee's set down and the candle lit in the middle. Y/N smiled as he took her by the hand to help her get seated, pulling her chair out for her and pushing it in before sitting himself.

"See?" He asked. Y/N shook her head smiling. "Perfect."

"Mhmm," She said, sipping her coffee quietly.

"Is flying even safe for the baby?" Grayson asked shocked, eyes widening. You sighed. "Y/N. what if it's not good for the baby, we just flew here," He said, panicking. Y/N rolled her eyes.

"Gray, baby, we flew to Paris when I was pregnant with Em," She said. Grayson sat back, trying to remember. His mouth turned to an O shape as he remembered. She smiled, shaking her head. "And if it were, what would you have done, made us stay here for 10 months?" She asked. He nodded.

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