The faded Swan: Prologue

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The faded Swan


Isabella Swan lives in Italy and has been obsessed with becoming a Vampire all her life. Before it started out as an innocent childish phase, but now that she has the proof, she lives for Vampires, spending every waking minute searching for clues, finding out about their existence. She wants to prove people wrong, make them believe her, make them see the beauty of a Vampire. She moves to Volterra when she hears of the disappearances. She thinks she’s getting closer. But what she discovers is not what she expected.

After too many close calls, the Volturi capture Isabella in order to stop her from revealing themselves to the world. They learn she wants to become a vampire and get her to work for them in return for them to, someday, turn her into one of them. When the Cullen visit Volterra for Aro’s three thousand and something birthday party, a certain bronze haired Cullen catches Isabella’s attention.


I'll leave the mortal world behind,

Take wing in a flight fantastical,

With singing, my eternal soul

Will rise up swan-like in the air.

Possessing two immortal traits,

In Purgatory I won't not linger,

But rising over jealousy

I'll leave behind me kingdoms' shine.

'Tis so! Though not renowned by birth,

I am the muses favorite,

From other notables a world apart-

I'll be preferred by death itself.

The tomb will not confine me,

I will not turn to dust among the stars,

But like a heavenly set of pipes,

My voice will ring out from the sky.

And now I see that feathered skin

My figure covers all around.

My breast is downy and my back is winged,

I shine with pearly swan-like white.

(Extracted from Gavril Romanovich Derzhavin’s ‘The Swan’ Poem)




I started to run back through the tunnel, I heard laughing behind me but I still kept running. I slipped twice, getting up with mud rubbed into my jeans. I reached the end of the tunnel, it was then that I realised it was a dead end. I looked around for another exit, anything to get away from them, but I couldn’t find any. I was about to go back the way I came but stopped as I saw the small girl emerge from the darkness, she had childlike features and her blonde hair was tied up into a bun. I only had light from the dim lights on the roof of the tunnel and I had to squint my eyes to see clearly.

“Well looky here, a poor defenceless human, whatever shall I do?” She teased in a childish voice.

“Don’t play around, now is not the time sister.” Another said, her brother. I couldn't make out their features in the dim light, but I could see their bright red eyes gleaming at me. I shuddered and looked away. They surrounded me, I had nowhere to run.

“Don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you.” The big one said.

“Yet.” The small blonde chimed beside him.

“Give her a break Jane.” The big one urged.

“I make the rules Felix. Bring her with us.” Jane commanded. Two vampires emerged from behind her and ran up to me in lightning speed. My heart started to beat faster. They held onto my forearms, I shuddered at their touch; they were so cold like ice. They steered me back through the tunnel and into the sewers, they were going to take me to their master.

I was doomed.


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