Part 16

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Warning: You already know.

Another long chapter. Enjoy.

Vincent POV

  Zak was looking at him with a suspicious look. Vincent turned his head to face him and had a questioning look on his face.

"What? I have something on me?" Vincent questioned. Zak just pointed at his neck.
"Was it always like that? I don't really look at peoples necks... but what you have there is something else." Zak came and stood beside him putting one of his fingers on his neck."Concealer?" Zak looked at his finger."For wha...?" he took a wet tissue and started to rub on Vincent's neck. 

   Vincent covered his neck with his hands because what Clay did to him still hurt a lot. Clay dragged Vincent by his waist, beside him, then he took away his hands continuing to watch the TV show. Zak smiled sad and Vincent felt bad for not telling him what was going on.

"He fell out of the bed and hit his neck on the edge of the bed. Is nothing really, I took care of him." Clay explained.
"But your neck isn't good either. Or... no, your neck is ok." Zak looked at his neck.
"Oh my... Zak, he is ok." Clay smiled at the small boy.
"If you say so." Zak smiled a little then covered himself with a blanket.

🌠 1 hour later  🌠

"Vincent can you come here for a little?" Clay yelled after him.

   What does he want this time? All day he was only beside me, and if I left for 10-20 minutes he started to yell after me. He wants something, I'm sure.

   Vincent walked in the room not seeing anyone. Then he heard the door locking, he turned around seeing Clay standing in the door. Clay moved closer to Vincent, placing his hands on Vincent's waist, dragging him closer to his body. Vincent's heart started to beat faster when Clay put his lips closer to his ear.

"I have something for you. But you will see that later." Clay whispered biting Vincent's ear slowly making the smaller one shiver from the unexpected little pain.
"Y-you have?" Vincent asked hugging Clay .
"Yeah. I need anyway to go with you to the airport. So you are going to see that there." Clay smiled.
"You still didn't ask... and... I'm feeling awkward." Vincent broke apart the hug placing himself on the bed.
"Mmmh? Ask what?" Clay asked smirking.
"You know. I'm not going to say it. Given the fact that I'm going to be under... I'm not going to ask." Vincent blushed smiling awkwardly.
"Oh poor you. I'm planning that. Now shut up and stay with me while you still have time." Clay said being next to Vincent.
"You stupid. You fucking scared me." Vincent let his body fall in the bed. 

   Clay climbed on him smiling. He kissed his neck 3 times then he intertwined their fingers. Vincent smiled at him resting his feet on the edge of the bed. Clay leaned closer to Vincent's face, looking him in his eyes, asking for permission. Vincent nodded slowly closing his eyes, leaving his head a little bit to the side. Clay slowly closed the gap between them, and kissed Vincent, closing his eyes as well. He broke the kiss looking at the boy under him, so fragile, blushing and looking into his eyes, so lovely that Clay couldn't take it anymore. The affection and the love Vincent felt from Clay was incredible, he never felt this before, but his mind flew to a single thing: 'Clay still hasn't asked me to be with him', and that bothered Vincent so much, because he wanted to know if Clay was playing a game right now or he loved him. The gift Clay was talking about could be that, or some cute stuff Clay gave him in the past. Vincent only needed to wait.

"I love you so much baby boy~." Clay said brushing some hair out of Vincent's face.
"You do?" Vincent blushed placing his now free hand around Clay's neck.
"Mhm." Clay said placing another kiss on Vincent's neck.
"I love you too, Dream." Vincent start playing in Clay's hair.
"Can you two come out. We are going to get food." Dave shouted through the door.
"Yeah, immediately." Clay shouted back kissing Vincent slowly again "Come on, you need to eat." Clay said lifting Vincent's blouse up "You are so skinny." Clay mumbled leaving his hand to fall from Vincent's abdomen to the boxers that he had on him. 
"No, you aren't allowed there yet." Vincent blushed hard catching Clay's hands.
"Uh? So you are going to allow me someday." Clay smirked blushing as well.
"Shut up and let's go eat." Vincent mumbled. 
"As you wish... my boy~" Clay smiled.
"I'm not your boy until you ask me out. And... I'm not yours until we... do some things." Vincent looked away blushing even harder, while he was on his elbows.
"You wanna be mine, baby?" Clay whispered in Vincent's ear making him shiver.
"I don't know. We will see." Vincent bit his bottom lip. 

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