Bonus 2: Trees and Thank You

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"Logan," I whispered.

He didn't reply. He was either a really heavy sleeper, or he was really good at ignoring me. Even after a few months away from Paradise City, I still wasn't quite sure which it was.

"Puke Boy, you promised that we could finally go on our hunt today. You pinky promised," I said.

Still nothing.

"It's ten o'clock. You've gotten enough sleep. I'll even make you some coffee if you get up right now." I shook his arm. "You know, you should start paying rent if you're just going to spend every single night here."

At this point, he was definitely ignoring me.

"I've been thinking about the wedding, and if you don't say anything, I'm just going to assume that it's okay to have it on a boat. Wouldn't that be fun?" I asked.

"Rea, we're not getting married on a boat. You'll get all offended when I throw up during the ceremony," Logan said, and he propped himself up on his elbows. "You little shit."

I smiled. "I'm so glad you're awake. Can we go now?"

"Slow down. First of all, we need to establish that I am paying rent to you with endorphins. You're welcome."

"What? Is that what you're doing?" I laughed.

Logan nodded. "Second of all, you have to calm down about this stupid hunt. It's fucking ridiculous."

"It's not ridiculous, Logan. It's really important to me. I need to find it before I graduate, or I'll feel like a failure for the rest of my life."

"I thought you already felt like that."

Well, I did, but he didn't have to say it.

"Logan, please." I rubbed my eye. "You promised, just like I promised to marry you. We can all change our minds."

"Fine, fine." He let out a drawn-out sigh. "Just remind me why this is so important to you."

He dragged himself up out of bed, and I popped up and followed him to the kitchen. We were both only half-dressed, so I pulled on a sweatshirt that I stole from Logan. My apartment never heated well, and even though it was only October, the West Virginian blood in me never got used to the colder climate in Maine.

"I desperately need to see the only ginkgo tree on campus because they're super cool. They're the only species left in the Ginkgo genus," I said.

"You're probably the only person who's fascinated by that," Logan said. "Wait, is that my hoodie?"

"Well, yeah. Isn't that what normal couples do?" I asked.

"Whatever. Just give it back when you're done with it."

I probably wasn't going to give it back. We were getting married anyway, but I didn't say that. I still wanted him to go with me on my field trip to the sole ginkgo tree.

The two of us got ready for our expedition, and although I didn't actually know where the tree was, we were going to find it if it killed me.

I had heard a couple classmates talking about how it was a great tree for studying in the shade. During the fall season, ginkgo trees turned to a gorgeous golden yellow, and hopefully, their distinctive fan leaf would lead me straight to it.

They were native to China and not the US, and people especially didn't plant them frequently in Maine. There were some in West Virginia, but I wanted to see the only one on the campus of the Atlantic Coastal College.

If I couldn't look for whales, I had to spend my time doing something else, after all.

I packed us some snacks before we headed out for our search, and when we arrived on campus, Logan turned to me.

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