Untitled Part 2

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3rd Person P.O.V

A file sat in front of the Avengers, the front covered in classified stamps. Tony stood at the top of the table, staring at it then the others. Steve was the first to talk, his voice gruff with annoyance. "SHIELD has decided that our team is in need of a omega present on the team. They have narrowed it down to three young omega's all of which have been vetted and backround checked by themselves and S.I - without Tony's imput." His voice held no room for complaints as he turned to Tony with a nod. "You'll each have a hand out in front of you, the file simply holds their pictures and phone numbers for contact." He opens the file and shows the picture of a bleach blonde girl who all but screamed spoilt. Steve looked down at his own hand out whilst Tony cleared his throat.

"Her name is Ocean Roads. She is nineteen years old. Her status is Omega. Background Infomation : Fathers a Alpha business man for a company he started, mother's an Omega trophy wife. She's had seventeen cosmetic surgaries and has expressed interest in more. She wants at least two children nad that she will not take contraseptive." He looks across the room and the team don't look exactly thrilled about this one. "SHIELD chose her for her bachlours in Buisness and communication, saying she may be helpful in the buisness section of our lives." Still no verbal responce. "We're gonna pop her in the maybe pile then." He mutters, Steve moves to the next photo. A young boy with curly black hair and look of un-happiness is shown. "Well doesnt he look happy." Tony mutters, Steve sighs and looks at the handout.

"The kids name is Jayson Markus. He's fifteen...ok sorry we're gonna just..." He grumbles and the team nods in approval. "That leaves us with Irisa Jade Erwood." He moves to the last photo, a blackout picture with no way of seeing her. "A twenty year old woman, also an Omega. basic information is as reads - mother and father unknown, doctorate in bio-chemistry as well as physics, animal behaviour and psychology and one is currently studying to be a engineer. She's currently living with her grandmother and has said she'd want children but not right away, she says that she'd want it around twenty-five at the earliest. She also has hand to hand combat training and is also well-aware of how to use a gun." Steve pauses, not looking at anyone. "It states the reason they did not get a photo of her was that she feels that people would rather go for looks than knowledge of that person and if someone wishes to see her face then they can meet her." Before he can continue Tony cuts him off.

"I like her." Steve turns to look at him but before he can even say a word Natasha's already up and out of her chair. "Lets be real, she's the only decent one SHIELD has sent over. Would you rather an up-tight rich girl or under-aged kid forced to put his name forward by what is most-likely a pushy family trying to sell off their only omega child. No? Then we take this Irisa and leave it as that." She leaves the room and soon Clint followed, then Sam and Bruce and finally Tony leaves.

"Alright then.....I'll call up SHIELD and ask them to send her over." Steve mumbles quietly.


Irisa's P.O.V

Flashing lights, rave music and dancing bodies surrounded me. Smells of Alpha's, beta's and omega's swirled around my body and invaded my nose.

Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road

I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more

I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road

I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more (Kio, Kio)

With a deep sigh I move towards the bar and flash my fake I.D "Can I get a Whiskey on the rocks please mate?" I ask and watch the bartender check my I.D with an eye-roll before moving off and starting to make my drink. My phone vibrates in my pocket whilst I wait and I grumble as I take it out.

'Omega Match :

Attention Miss Erwood, You're application for Omega Match has been received by a local company.

Please go to the following address : Stark Industries compound. Please meet at 2.00pm tomorrow.

Your possibly mate(s) will meet you at this address'

I groan and glare at my phone as the bar-tender serves my drink. "Sweet, how much?" I ask, pulling out my card, he indicates to the sign '$3.40' and sigh, using contactless to pay. "Thanks." I mumble, taking it and having sip before moving to a table by my self. The music almost seemed to get louder as I sat down.

Ridin' on a tractor

Lean all in my bladder

Cheated on my baby

You can go and ask her

My life is a movie

Bull ridin' and boobies

Cowboy hat from Gucci

Wrangler on my booty

"God damn, I'm gonna need to talk to people about signing me up for shit." I grumble tiredly and down the last of my drink. "Fuck it." I mutter and get up. Before I can move away from my table a strong hand clings to my arm.

"Heyyy darlin' - what's a pretty little omega like you doing in such a nasty place like this?" My nose twitches at the smell of arrogant alpha hits me.

"Well, 'Darling' I'm actually leaving." I try to yank my arm away and he just snorts a little.

"Now now. Lets not leave so fast-wouldn't want you rushing off now." I couldn't see this face but his stench told me he was defiantly drunk.

"Cool, cool but hear me out." I pause as he loosens his grip. "Im'a say nope." With a quick yank I'm fully out of the mans grasp and sprinting out of the club and down the street towards central park. My chest heaves heavily as I stop just out-side the park entrance and i start talking my self into calming down. "Right ok alright alright ok-alright ok you're ok" I mutter and sigh.

Just another night of being an Omega in New-york.


Tony Stark's P.O.V

 I tapped my fingers against my coffee mug as I wait for this 'Irisa' to arrive. The teams moving around the room, clearly excited to meet this Omega - Steve's been pacing back and forth from the window to the kitchen - when FRIDAY decides to grace us with her presence.

"Boss, a young omega registered as Irisa Erwood has entered the building" The team all immedatly stand up and start moving towards the elevator - oblivious to the fact this omega may or may not be nervous about being paired up with well...the avengers. With a sigh that made my bones ache I stood up and called out.

"Maybe we should you know, send down the two leading alpha's first? Seeing as having all of us at once down there might just you know, scare her off?" Steve looks at me like he was about to argue but Natasha was quick to elbow his side - inciting a quick gasp from him.

"I think that's a great idea Tony, If you and....lets say Bruce go down? Our two less....aggressive alpha's should probably go talk her first" Natasha states and I snort, placing a single hand on my chest with a gasp.Â

"So mean Natasha. Just for that maybe I should with-draw your access over the television." I tease, she shoots me a look and I roll my eyes. "Alright alright, come on Bruce. Lets get going. I'm sure our possible omega will love us!" I walk over to said scientist and drag him into the elevator. "Lets go Brucie bear."

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