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(they're both teens? and they've only been dating for a few months in this hahaaa. also, I'm sorry for not uploading sooner. I'm basically failing school. happy late thanksgiving to anyone reading this, seriously i hope you had an amazing feast :) recently I've learned that a lot of things aren't fair lol, and... it's alright. but that doesn't mean it still won't hurt at the moment. or after the moment. and I just wanna tell yall to not focus on the pain but of how it was a sign. I feel so blessed lately, it's freaking me out honestly. I'm beginning to believe more and more that everything happens for a reason even if you might not know why the hell it's being so unfair, or even very fair. don't question it, because when you do you end up ruining all of it once you find the truth so just... enjoy it. bad or good, because you don't have to feel bad about thinking it's unfair or too fair.it makes you feel accomplished when you don't have to control your mind to not throw pity parties or to feel bad about having better fortune than others. because if it happened, it was for a reason and that reason will either be revealed. or not. why focus on such minuscule things when you could literally accomplish that new years resolution you've been saying was gonna work, for YEARs. or tackling those grades. like, be better and have that momentum of getting into your own routine and work on small parts of yourself before changing it all. in patient time it comes together.)

"We're closed!" Oliver yelled out as he heard a soft tap on the window. He continued to put the lock on tokens register before turning to the window when he heard it again.


His face was pressed to the glass with a ridiculous expression, and his hand gently waved to his boyfriend.

He saw his boyfriend beam at the new given attention, jogging over as the glass door opened.
In came the boy, and he pressed his hands to Oliver's chest as he kissed him softly.


Soft words were spoken, having the same response.

"Wanna get out of here?"
Elio's hands settled down to wrap his arms around Oliver's waist, looking like he was hugging a stuffed bear with how small their size comparison was.

"Sure. Let me finish closing up."

"Can I play a game while I wait?"

Oliver smirked at the childish manner.
"Sure, weirdo."

So he was unwrapped by Elio as he tossed a random token from off the counter at The boy who caught it with ease. They both shared a small smile.

Oliver didn't pay attention to what game he picked, but he heard vigorous tapping and every now and then, there would be a whisper or a gasp of curses.

All he could do was hold back a laugh, almost done with locking everything up.

Eventually, he started his strut over to Elio, wrapping arms around his stomach. He felt Elio tense, but soon after he relaxed into it. He even leaned back into it, enjoying the quiet and still warmth that they shared only when put together.

"So, I have two boxes of 'Fratelli's taste of Italy' in the car... papa and I ran into each other at the store."

the smaller boy heard Oliver groan with satisfaction, and he felt his nose buried into his own neck junction. he almost shivered.

"Mr P is a godsend."

yes, Elio agreed, giving in to temptation as he left his game character to die, and turned to hug into his boyfriend's chest.

"He really is." and the two sat there with those words hanging in the air, choosing to ignore the nickname Oliver had used. he spent way too much time with the teens in this arcade. of course, that didn't matter now, though. not even in the slightest as Elio repeatedly satisfied The bigger man with small and short pecks to his lip. each one, he pulled back to stare with a cordial, and tender look. those eyes drove Oliver mad into wanting more of his adorable boyfriend.

"I was thinking... we could go home..." Elio trailed, tracing each crevice of the mans back and not once meeting his eyes,

"and... share a shower. would you like that? is that something you want to do as well?" they're eyes finally found each other. the words "as well" echoed in his ears.

and to be honest, he and Oliver had never... tried anything? Of course, he wouldn't mind it, but to know Elio wanted this as much as he did was enough to set his face ablaze.


"it's okay if you wanted to just chill...-or something-"

"no. no, I want that. I'd like that. a lot."

the smile that split through his face was almost blinding, it made Oliver's heart warm to know he was the cause.

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