Before You Read

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It's finally here! Ah! I'm so happy to start sharing my own work with everyone. But I'm also scared. I've never put my own ideas out into the worlds before. So I really hope everyone enjoys my story, even though my grammar sucks.

Starting today (Dec. 6), I'll be posting a new chapter every friday and/or saturday. I'll try to keep it friday. The reason for this is because I have yet to finish my story due to college and work. I only have about 25-30% done. I need more time to finish it, so you'll get about one chapter a week. Think of it as a new tv show airing a new episode every week kind of thing. So I'll be doing that.

Now fair warning, even though English is my only language, I suck at it. Funny, right? I tried to go over the chapters so far and fix any spelling or grammar mistakes. But, as you've seen from my other works, I tend to miss some mistakes and post the chapters without seeing them. The only thing I ask of you is if you see a mistake, let me know. If my grammar is off, let me know. You're not hurting my feelings if you find some mistakes. I'm a perfectionist, so I want my story to be perfect.

Anywho, thank you for waiting for this book to come out. As you know, the next book is going to be about season 3. As of right now, I'm half way done with it. It's turning out pretty good in my opinion. And I know some of you guys are going to love the ending of that book.

Author: Okay, I think I've said everything I wanted to say.

Atsushi: You're forgetting something.

Author: What?

Everyone: Happy Birthday!

Author: ...Oh, right. Today's my b-day. Damn, I'm old.

Dazai: You're only 19.

Author: That's old. At least, that's what my little siblings say.

Shiori: If that's old, then Kuniki-san is ancient.

Kunikida: Quiet, girl! And it's "Kunikida-san" to you!

Shiori: I'm sorry for speaking the truth, Kuniki-san. Hell, Ranpo-san and Yosano-san look younger than you.

Kunikida: That's it! Get over here!

Shiori: Hahahaha!

Yosano: Well, there they go.

Ranpo: Here, Author. I got you a bag of candy as a gift.

Author: ...Why is the bag almost empty?

Kyouka: Here.

Author: A knife?!

Atsushi: K-Kyouka-chan!

Kyouka: Yes?

Atsushi: You can't just-

Author: I love it! Thank you, Kyouka!

Atsushi: ...Um... Okay then. This is from me.

Author: Aw! A stuffed tiger! I love it!

Naomi: Happy Birthday, Nina-chan!

Author: Thanks guys! And don't call me that!

~~~~Dazai's P.O.V.~~~~

"Hey, you there." I whispered. "The one listening in on our conversation. Or reading this, I guess. Let's talk outside."

With you following behind me, we take a step outside the office. I smile as I face you.

"Thank you for reading Nina's stories. She's very happy that her first book is bringing joy to the people reading it. She can't believe it almost has 50k views. That's crazy. For those of you who are sticking around and reading this series, it means a lot to her. And a lot to us too.

To think she was so scared of publishing her writing online. It's a funny memory now. I'm glad she more comfortable with her writing.

Anyway, thanks for taking your time to read the new story coming out. As a treat, when Nina posts the first chapter, I'll sneak the second one in today. But that has to be our little secret, okay? Thanks for listening. Enjoy the story."

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