Chapter Twenty Five

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okay first an authors note. sorry it took me so long to update, i was really fricking busy with school and blah blah test week whatever, haha, I'm sorry. I wrote this two days after my concert whilst being very tired, so it's kind of shitty, but yeah I just had to update, haha. I hope you guys like it :)

Once the clock hit 11, I was airborne. In the last two hours I’d passed custom services and all that, and I was still very confused at what happened earlier, but tried to mainly focus on the music my iPod had been playing. Now that I was sitting on the plane, knowing that I had a 4,5 hour flight in front of me, I realized that some sleep could actually come in handy. Thankfully, I the caffeine hadn’t affected me that much and I’d actually started to feel a bit drowsy.


A certain amount of time and sleep later, I was woken by turbulence. It wasn’t bad, and luckily didn’t scare me (or anyone on the plane) much, but it was enough to wake me up. When I looked out the window, I saw that it was already dark. I checked the time, but that was only very confusing because I didn’t know whether it had changed the time zones. So I turned to the man sitting next to me. “excuse me, do you know what time it is?” I asked loud enough for him to hear. He checked his watch and thought for a second. “uhm, in Columbus it’d be around 3 now. We’re above Montana, almost Idaho I think.” Which meant we were almost there. I nodded ad thanked the man. He went back to playing some game on his tablet, and I went back to listening to music and staring into nothingness. I wondered whether Tyler had gotten home safe, and if he was sleeping. He probably was home, and it was definitely late enough to be sleeping, but then again, this was Tyler, who sometimes didn’t sleep at all.


The plane had landed, I’d gotten my bag and was now walking out of the arrival halls, to finally seeing my grandparents again. The doors rolled open and I stepped outside, my suitcase rolling behind me. I scanned the room to look for my grandparents, and didn’t see them until my grandmother came running towards me, tears in her eyes. I felt the smile break onto my face. We held each other tightly, and I felt tears spilling over my cheeks. “oh no I told myself I wasn’t going to cry but I just love you so much” I said, overwhelmed by …everything. Grandma rubbed my back and then lead me to where granddad was waiting for us. “I missed you too, honey.” She said.

Once we had managed to get through part of the crowd, I scanned the hallway for granddad, my grandma walking behind me. Less than a second later, I heard my name being called. I turned my head to the left to see not only my grandpa, -who was filming my arrival which was filled with tears (isn’t that just fricking great…)- but also a crying Olivia, a jumping Paige and a Scott who just had the brightest smile ever on his face. I walked up to the four and was engulfed into a group hug, and I think all of us were crying by now. “I missed all of you so much this is so surreal I love you guys” I said, short on breath.

After stopping to get some fast food at the airport, we were now in Scott’s mom her minivan, because apparently Scott drove my grandparents here. We put my luggage in the back and took seats in the car. “I’m so thankful all of you took the time to pick me up, I missed you all so much and I feel so loved and gah this is amazing.” I said. Everyone probably just wanted me to shut up but I was just overwhelmed with emotions and happiness and love and more love (and still a tad of confusion) but before I was able to both stop or continue talking, Paige started talking too. “It’s so nice to be reunited again, it’s really not the same without you, Jen.”

“You kids should meet up and catch up tomorrow, am I right?” My grandpa said and a millisecond later, Scott and Olivia were yelling a loud “YES PLEASE” and I was just laughing at how much I had missed these kids. “I’m sure there’s a lot to talk about, right Jenna?” my grandma said while winking at me. And not just winking, but an obvious wink. Did I… Had I.. I think I had in fact told her about meeting a guy, but I didn’t tell her how… I liked him? Right?

“ooooooooh Jen, you’re bluuuushing, what are you hiding from us?” Paige said mockingly. By now everyone (except Scott) was eyeing at me curiously. “Dude I’m not blushing” I said dryly, even though I felt my cheeks burning. “Are you kidding me?” Olivia said, “you’re basically a tomato. Soo I’m guessing…” she and Paige were smirking at me and I just awkwardly looked at my grandma my eyes pleading for her to save me, but she just smiled back at me, not doing anything to improve the situation. At all. In fact, she started asking me about what was up, if I was still talking to that boy I talked to her about on the phone a while ago, until thankfully, my granddad said “Marie, let’s just leave it for now, she’d probably much rather tell her friends when we’re not around. So basically we’ll just force her to tell us once we’re at home.” He glanced at me and whispered, “just kidding, dear.” I mouthed a small “thanks” and was glad that I was at least saved for a few hours.

After we all drank something at my grandparents’ house, everyone went home. I sat on the couch with my grandparents, and I just teared up out of emotions. Both my grandparents hugged me and then told me to go to sleep. I was indeed extremely tired, even though I had slept on the flight. My granddad showed me my room, and helped me put my stuff in the right places for a bit. I took my opportunity to look at him. He didn’t look as healthy as he used to, which makes sense, but he looked content, happy, more or less. Which was good. “You look good, granddad. I’m happy to see that.” I said a bit above a whisper. “Thank you dear. I’m so happy to see you again. You’ve grown up so much and became even more beautiful. I didn’t know it was possible.”

After putting the most important stuff away, my granddad kissed my forehead and went downstairs. I washed up a bit, brushed my teeth and went to lay in bed. Before finally falling asleep, I texted my mom, who also had a safe flight. I pondered whether or not to text Tyler, but decided to send a casual text saying

“Hey, the flight was safe and I’m finally about to sleep. Goodnight, Tyler :) thanks for taking me to the airport and everything.”

I left the kiss part out, since I had no clue how to feel about it, or even more importantly, how Tyler felt about it. My phone lit up.

[Tyler] “ :) “

I put my phone on the nightstand next to the queen-sized bed and fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

on a side note I MET TYLER JOSEPH CDGAGHJKADSASDFGHJ I'M STILL CRYINg GAHHHHhhH I mISS MONDAY SO MuC H :( okay thanks for reading and starring and all that stuff :)

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