Innocent baby - randy

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School AU. Andy's taller then rye. Ryes 16 and the rest of the boys are 17.

Trigger warnings: abuse, self harm, panic attacks, language, eating disorder.

Third person

Everyone thought he was perfect, that he had a good family, good grades, and a lot of money.

They thought Ryan had the perfect life.

Oh if they couldn't be more wrong....

Everyone at school just thought he didn't have friends cause he thought he was better then everyone else.

Everyone saw him as the rich; stuck up boy with a perfect life.

One day Rye was skipping class, feeling little, walking through the hallway-not expecting anyone else to be there- when he turned the corner and bumped right into the person he wanted to see least-Andy Fowler-.

They both stumbled back; Andy cursing and looking at Rye.

"Oh, it's mr. perfect. Watch where you're fucking going next time!" He yelled, raising his hand in frustration.

Rye flinched backwards. Hard. Stumbling into the wall and whimpering.

"I-I'm sowwy. D-don't hurt me pwease!" He said in such a scared voice Andy was shocked.

Andy took a step towards him, making the smaller and younger boy choke out a sob, shaking his head frantically, mumbling I'm sowwy over and over.

Andy caught a glimpse of bruises under ryes hoodie. Big, dark bruises.

See it's not that Andy hated him or anything.

Rye was just so.... distant from everyone and put on the stuck up front.

It all made sense now. Something was going on in his life and he was a little.

Secretly Andy loved him.

He took another step closer towards the younger boy, pulling him into his arms and shushing him.

"Ryan, take off your hoodie." Andy said, softly.

Rye whined, "n-no call me wyan.... c-call me wye."

"You wanna be called Rye? Okay love. Now take off your hoodie." Andy said a bit more sternly.

Rye whimpered, shaking his head.

"N-not hewe..."

Andy sighed softly; grabbing ryes hand and pulling him toward the bathroom.

Once they were in there, Andy locked the door. Grabbing ryes hoodie, he pulled it off him, shushing him when he whined.

Rye looked down, seeing his exposed bruises, scars, and body.

A tear ran down ryes cheek, making Andy frown.

Andy tilted his head up, wiping the tear. Pulling him into his arms, he kissed his head.

"Can you tell me what happened baby boy?" Andy asked, the pet name slipping too easily off his lips.

"Y-you hate wye w-why you cawe?" Rye asked so hurt and innocent Andy almsot cried.

"Because baby... I thought you thought you were better then me and that's why you never talked to anyone, I didn't realize why you were actually distancing yourself love... I've never hated you..." Andy said softly.

Rye teared up. "I-I sowwy I was bad..."

"Hey hey no baby boy... you've not done anything wrong but I need you to tell me what's happening okay? You're so little lovely you can't handle it yourself. And that's okay babe. Just let me help yeah?" Andy said, gently rubbing ryes cheek,

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